Thursday, 25 December 2008

The Dawgs Travel Diary: Vegetarian Christmas Eve Dinner

While walking along the River Isar, His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem, PA/PR Gromit and Die Nashman were pleasantly surprised by how pretty this church was at dusk.

We definitely must have a look inside. We went in and Christmas Mass was underway and so we joined the natives. The austerity of the celebration suggested that this was not a Catholic Church and Die Nashman's guess was correct. The church was Lutheran. What a fricking coincidence! I converted to Lutheranism when I was 6 years old but my mother, the hopeless brainwashed Catholic, put an end to my dablings with the reformation. Oh well. It was nice to be the only Brown Flip in the congregation. Even if I were not wearing John Galliano Haute Couture I stood out (or rather stood short) in a crowd of blonde blue eyed parishioners. I was secretly wishing the whole thing would turn into a Children of the Corn horror flick but it's Christmas so no evile thoughts no matter how funderful. Maganda yung isang girl, kamukha ni Heidi Klum kaya naman tinabihan ko siya for the beso beso during the sign of peace pero I remembered, ayaw nga pala ni Martin Luther ang PDA so hanggang patingin-tingin nalang.

To celebrate Christmas Eve dinner (but already Christmas in Bavaria because it's sunset) and greet jewboy Jesus a nice birthday, we had kosher/halal dinner at.....

Hofbäuhaus am Platzl! The famous beer hall started by HRO Karl Willem's Bavarian katukayo Wilhelm V!

PA/PR Gromit has a first crack at the Christmas Menu.

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem suggested we try the house specialty..

That looks good HRO Karl Willem! Excellent choice!

We celebrated Jesus' big day with a vegetarian meal of Knusprig gebratene Schweinshaxn,
dazu zwei Reiberknödel und hausgemachter Speckkrautsalat!! Mmmm.

..translation: Crackling pork knuckle with potato dumpling and sourkraut. Omaygad talaga, ang sarap nung balat! Malutong talaga! Nag-imas kadi, nalipatak nagan da tatang ken nanang ko.

Simot! Supersaraptothebone!

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem drinks Münchner Weisse (white/wheat beer) while PA/PR Gromit sips Hofbräu Original (bitter but not like English bitter). We are not usually beer drinkers but these amber juices were really really really really good. As you can see, bitter is ONLY served in 1 litre mugs called steins while wheat beer is only served in half-litre vases. If you think 1 litre mugs are too much, the two girls from Budapest who joined our table for dinner drank 3! mugsfull!. Actually, gusto naming private celebration lang pero nag-makaawa yung mga girls kung pwidi join sa table namin so dahil malambot ang aming mga puso at dahil Pasko naman, sige. Nalibre rin kami ng toma ng mga girls. Tapos niyaya pa kami mag-party sa place nila later pero umayaw kami dahil may iba kaming pakay tonight. Alam niyo naman, hindi lang puro libog ang nagpapaikot sa mundo namin

You can also have personal steins and the Hofbrauhaus provides some lockers for these priceless steins built of gold, silver or whatever that are passed from one generation to the other. Obviously, these lockers are highly coveted. I'm almost tempted to say they are status symbols but the Bavarians are not into 'status'. Paglaki ko, sana maging saksespul rin ako para mabigyan ako ng stein atsaka stein locker.

More! More! Seriously, even after 2 litres, we can go for more! This is surprising indeed but the beer was really good.

HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit are given the rare honour of getting their drink from the tap themselves. How cool is that! (Well, siempre, distant kasin ni HRO Karl Willem sina Wilhelm V at Maximilian I kaya naman hindi na namin kinangailangan mag-ala basagulerong Pangandaman "hindi mo ba ako kilala" to get into the inner sanctum. Tsaka, amoy siguro nila na medyo artek ang Die Nashman)

At 11 pm, we took in some fresh air and dropped our new girl friends from Budapest at the train station. Much as we liked to party-party at their place, tonight we had other plans.

Another belen....

...but this is the first belen I have ever seen in my entire life where The Devil was invited..

..there he is on the right side lurking. Well, it might not be the Devil. It might be just your average bystander with goat horns.

Die Nashman is not religious in any way at all and is multifantasticdenominational but for Christmas, we just had to come to this church to tick one box on our list of 'things to do before we become senile' and this is to be able to sing...

..Silent Night (Stille Nacht) in German. Somehow, it's more beautiful in the original German...And this is when the story gets interesting because we met a pretty New Zealander who we spent the entire night with but that is for the 5th romcom movie in the trilogy and will not be discussed in detail in this online diary of ours.


kaniguan said...

me thinks it is really cool to have da devil der.. makes it more er, ewan. wt was i saying again? ah basta, mganda ung castle, as in..

Anonymous said...

Schlaf in himmlischer Ruh!
Schlaf in himmlischer Ruh.

Anonymous said...

*double takes*

Dang, that last paragraph caught my eye. '... we spent the entire night with'? That does not sound like himmlischer Ruh.

The Nashman said...

by then i has been awake for 30 hours so indeed HRO Karl Willem, PA/PR Gromit and me had heavenly rest in the manger.

sicko said...

Sorry, I could not help but notice that you had two balls and a bone for Christmas eve.

Jen said...

I like the two photos of the Church. It must've been really pretty up close.

The Nashman said...

it's ugly during the day coz its brown