Friday, 12 December 2008

French Riot Police Gear Up for The Nashman's Return

The Nashman explains this classic photo from our archives:
1. If you are like CSI and can 'zoom in' then 'enhance' the pixels on the policeman's shield, you can see The Nashman's solo reflection. I was very brave back then. I inhale teargas for my asthma.
2. French Riot Police have learned tactics from Wellington. Or maybe, by law, they can only really barricade the sidewalk. The main street is left clear for bagel-laden Peugeots.
3. The leftmost policeman is the mandatory 'gigantic freak of nature'. Once I have fought and beaten the rest, he is the last man standing and will be 'unkillable' just like in the movies.
4. The rightmost policeman is not staring into my camera like the rest of his squad. He is going for that expressive 'pensive' look.


dementia said...

i love their titi protection

The Nashman said...

pwidi rin yan sa puki.

rene said...

potek. parang si Dolph Lundgren!

The Nashman said...

oo pare, mahigit 6 footer...daliri pa lang solb ka na...sobra sobra pa.

sexymoi said...

weow cutieness