Sunday, 7 December 2008

Recession?? Where??

And so I went out briefly just after lunch to look for lightweight thermal undies for the backpacking rail trip from London up to Romania (overly optimistic)/Prague(optimistic)/Austria(realistic) but when I hit the high street shops (which are just 5 minutes walk from my door) and saw the masses of fifol and the loooooong queues at the till, I only ended up windowshopping and quickly retreated back to the mothership...

Hmmm, very tempting. It's only 0.98 pence or 70 pesos! Despite the solar panels, I don't think they is thermal. If only I had a dancing pole.....

A price list to help The Ateneo Graduates! Bili na suki! 4 pesos for 2, and 2 pesos for one! It's a good deal! Savings savings!

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit turned the heater OFF and went for a 3 hour siesta! We love simple and free pleasures! Ang ganda ganda pa ng panaginip ko, climbing a snow capped mountain with bandits in pursuit..

Sunday and the diet rests so we had 2 freshley boiled itlog maalat, some more slices of that german black beer double smoked sausage and to make it a tiny bit healthy, some tomatoes.

After early dinner, the next best nearly free thing is to soak in the tub, reading the gigs list of the papers..


dementia said...

manong, you should have bought the sparkling gold briefs

The Nashman said...

i sparkle au naturelle