Monday, 15 December 2008



ashley said...

sino ito?

bago mong gf? pinalitan mo na ba si Atty. E?

Jen said...

Ashley sino si Atty E.? :0

The Nashman said...

excuse me ashley, kahit pa model ng ferragamo yung attorney mo, spartan pa rin ako.

ashley said...

Atty E. is one heck of a Narwhal, responsible for capsizing the Star of the Pacific somewhere in the Philippines.

And, what not, she loves sporting good pink leather boots, skimpy pink pants, pink jacket and a tonne of burloloys....And, yes, at Glorieta. Best of all, she shrills like an ambulance. Talk about class.

She is a good friend....mabait naman.

In the news....the Nashman is thrilled everytime he sees her. A perfect match, really.

The Becky said...

i tingk ah--i smell something here. kaw nash ha! nagkalamit ka. congrats, binata ka na. :)

The Nashman said...

Narwhal ba ang ating atorni? I think you describe the wrong species, I think she's more Walrus.

Thrilled lang ako dahil libre round of golf ako sa club niya. Yung royal friend nga ni ashley, pilit nag-papa-invite sa club pero di pwidi kasi may japanese onsen ek-ek doon at baka tambay lang dun ang friend ni ashley to make abot the sabon and make boso the titi ng mga sakang

whats 'nagkalamit' means? you know naman, I went to Swiss Finishing School, I do not speaking street language of the naka-tsinelas.