Saturday, 13 December 2008

Snap Photo Assault: Library

Today I was supposed to go to Oxford to get my contact lenses then London for an audience with Bruno, Rosamunde et Carnetnoir's 3.5th joy, but I woke up at 7am and it was as if I was back in Baguio during monsoon season. So we all called a rain check and I went back to bed till my mother texted me to say she has a new mobile number. I've had my mobile number for 7 years. I don't understand why people keep changing numbers. And so I now have 3 phone numbers for my mother. And I don't know about you, but playing the lottery and deciding whether to dial Mama1, Mama2, or Mama3 is a bit irritating. Oh well, Mother knows best.

So I spent the rainy day at the public library reading up on Central European history. If you want to stress yourself, go to the mall to get elbowed in the Xmas rush. And why would I want to do that? Instead, I spent the whole day looking at naughty photos. Well, they were in the library under 'art'.

I love Angela Merkel. She's got some balls. And she has a physics PhD! There's such a BIIIIIIIIIG and obvious difference if you compare her to the hopelessly corrupt and incompetent Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. You know, there are actually supposedly 'intelligent' people who defend Gloria Arroyo. All I can say is that these people have extremely low standards.

German aversion to spendthriftiness makes them resilient to the recession. They have very low household debt and instead of being slaves to mortgages, two thirds RENT their homes.

When I was young, I was read the sanitised version of Hansel und Gretel and it was boring. Then I discovered the original texts and loved it! It was dark, scary, and demented. The Grimm brothers live up to their name.

I do not want people to lose jobs of course and it's shameful that the management of the big USA automakers are blaming the credit crunch for the inefficient running of their companies and want a bailout.

This means Ashley's Royal Friend, the one who has 4 hometowns, won't be crowned Miss Culiat next year...

Behind every man, is a woman's behind. Sarko is putty at the hands of pretty women.

The Philippines, or more specifically Manila gets mentioned in the Travel section of the Times but does not get the same glowing reviews as other parts of the Philippines. I is not surprised.

Let's go to Laos!

My lunchtime entertainment for the day was provided by two behemoths demolishing an ugly building.

It's very compelling. Like road kill. Like the Tracy Isabel Borres fallout.

For lunch I went to the German market for creamy chicken and mushroom.

..before going back into the library for after lunch tea.

I went home at 4pm and had a siesta and woke up at 7 to cook fridge leftovers - fried lamb chops, pasta in olive oil and chili with parmigiano shavings, and some rabbit food to reduce the guilt...

...then to the tub for some chillaxing with light literature.

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