Thursday, 4 December 2008

Tarsday News

Wanna have some of my well-hung dark sausage? I know you want to..

Tarsday is the day I pick up my weekly stash of comics. One of the few things from my childhood I still hang on to.

Hmmmmm, maybe the great pinoy komikeros can come up with Kapitan Pelefins too? Para naman to represent our beloved Las Islas Filipinas whenever the planet is being attacked by thousands of Vicky Belo botoxed clones.

...and oh, my local comics store also has a genuine Dalek. Exterminate! Exterminate! Grabe, nakakaiyak talagang isiping I can touch such childhood memories. Sinong mag-aakala na andito ako ngayon eh hindi ko man lang ma-afford ang Filbar's noon?

They used to have midgets run these things.

I feelt so durty and so what better way to end the day than with the usual soak in hot water. And since I feel really durty, I put some Tide with Kalamansi and Bleach.

Subukan nga nating kung totoo ang advertisement. Ang maitim na titi, kaya bang paputihin ng Tide kahit sandaling babad lang?

Aaaanyway, in da news:

I guess it's always at least a threesome? Oh my god talaga, just imagine the sexual positions needed to make those 20 kids. And...AND they were married to SISTERS too! I don't know about you but although I am a devout Catholic and hence sexually liberated and don't mind an orgy, making sexy time with your sister/brother watching is not exactly erotic for me. No thanks. Magbabasa nalang ako ng Watchtower.

Of all the drugs, I HATE cocaine and those that use them shamelessly. If you are addicted, get help sorting yourself out. Cocaine probably has the most violent and destructive supply line. This is why I have no sympathy for Tim Yap, DJ Montano, and Celine Lopez when they were outed as cocaine users by Brian.

It's all in the pheromones. In fact, you can smell almost every other emotion. Well at least I can...and I can smell that I farted again. Ah, bliss.

Yesterday Lilibeth opened Parliament. It's an excuse to dress up and I like it. It also perpetuates the illusion that the Queen is still in charge and she uses the Royal "My government will...." but the speech is imposed by whoever is in elected power.

Ayan ha Ashley, merong seating arrangement. Baka ang iyong Royal Friend ipagpilitan nanamang pwidi ang Brown Bod Card past the gates.

Of course, The Nashman is interested in one piece of legislation....

So you think Lilibeth will grant me a passport even if I don't speaking with a Brith accent? Buti pa ang Royal Friend ni Ashley, ni hindi pa nakadaong ang Vinta niya sa port (nasa Pasig Yacht Club, being retrofitted with the latest Orocan furnishings) eh meron na siyang pa-posh Brit Accent. Bumibili pa lang siya ng cornik sa sari-sari store mega "Milady, huuu mutch is theeeeze?" say niya kay aling Luring.

Our Japanese friends always outweirdo us. Haylavet. Ngayon, blood type naman ang dahilan ng hindi pagtanggap sa trabajo.

How about Ashley's royal friend who descended from all the royals including their pets kuno?

After bathing and reading da news it's time for dinner....

This is double smoked black beer sausage. I got it from the german market....I also got take-away goulash.....

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit inspect that I am only eating half servings of rice and that there must be rabbit food on the plate too...The Nashman is fat and the flabs will make him look ridiculous when he dons the stretch lycra that is mandatory when skiing in Saas Fee.


Jen said...

Magpasta ka na nga lang kasi :D

ashley said...

maskin anong kainin nyan, mataba pa rin yan. alalahanin mo nash, wala akong kaibigan na dugong!

The Nashman said...

baka kasi mga royalty siokoy lang mga kaibigan mo..

Jen said...

@Ashley ganun ba? Naku...hehehe :D

ashley said...

pero very good friend ko yan si nash. sa hirap at ginhawa (maskin pinapakita nya ang kanyang pubes). basta, kapag nalaman ko lang na may matalik silang ginagawa ni royal friend, naku itatakwil ko yan.

Jen said...

Ashley, yan din ang kwento nya tungkol sayo...friends kayo sa hirap at ginhawa...magpasakailan pa man...AMEN... :D

The Nashman said...

mahal ko si ashley kahit nag yucky-kadiri ateneo yan. at every day, nag no-novena ako para magamot siya at matanggal ang badingerz disease na bumabalot sa kanya at tumino siya.

ashley said...

hahaha! loco.

Ashley said...

Jen, if that is the case...naku, mutual pala angfeelings namin ni nash. sana di magkatotoo dahil naaawa naman ako kay royal friend--iiwanan na kasi ni nash.

Jen said...

Ashley op kors the feeling is mutual! Wala na nga sya ibang kinwento kundi si Ashley his soul sistah :D