Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Not much happening so time to discuss the day's news...

Your sowww middle class.....impressive though that they've managed to shut down an airport using direct action....bravo...

It should be pointed out that Brit 'middle class' is different from Pinoy middle class.

This is why I is taking the train....(Take note Ashley, posh ang mga rallyista, naka-Barbour, hindi tulad ng Royal Friend mo na Gap ang suot.)

The Speaker of the house has not done anything illegal or corrupt but he made a judgment call deemed a 'monumental mistake'. The house has lost its 'confidence' in him and is expected to resign shortly. Also recall that Japanese PMs resign if confidence in their leadership is lost. This is NOT the case in my beloved Philippines where corrupt and immoral politicians like Gloria Arroyo, Lito Atienza et al have committed worse transgessions that have cost human lives yet stick to their posts because they are shameless assholes.. Even leeches let go when full.

Tita Ashley, iwanan mo na kasi yang islam islam na iyan. Mauubos na ang mga birhen sa langit, hindi pa rin tatanggapin ang mga badingerz na tulad mo. Mag-convert ka na sa relihiyon ni Blessed Judiel Nieva.

Tonight's dinnah is half serving of rice, bare greens, and fried beef. I'm beginning to miss kosher/halal pork but I must stick to a lean diet.

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