Saturday, 31 May 2008

I apologise for my shortcomings...

My girlfriend dumped me.

I don't know why.

I thought K. and I had a healthy and loving relationship.

My world came crumbling down today when she left me.

For him.

So he's a bit taller... he's a bit more tanned than me....(I haven't been to the Tropics lately) he's filthy rich...(but I'm filthy too) he's got a nice house...(but I own a sprawling villa on the banks of the Balili River! With vineyards upon vineyards of vintage sayote!) he drives a cool car...(but I've got a pimped out Sarao Jeep, with fog lights kunam man and an ear-thumping sound system by Laguisma and Changco electronics)

Really, it's not as if there was a BIG difference...I dare anyone to give me a LONG list of differences.

Sure I made some small, tiny, and inconsequential mistakes. But must we blow them out of proportion?

I mean frigging come on!

What did she see in him????


How is he any better than me???

So he's got better muscle definition and I've let myself go with the donuts but I'm not exactly fat ano. I'm small but well proportioned.

The Nashman.


Sorry for my offset photo. Where's a tripod when you need one?

Friday, 30 May 2008

Do you think this is a good first gift?

...after all, she is a bookworm, I met her in the library....

Too subtle? Should I just give her one of those pa-cute mushy corny gifts? Wachathink? Sa aking opinyon, mas may matutunan naman siya sa librong eto kaysa yung mga baduy na Og Mandino or Tsiken Soup for the soul na walang kamatayan...

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Begging.....naghihirap...spare some change please, pangaasi yo...

Hoy Ashley, support your alma your wallet lalo na't sumusweldo ka na diyan sa banko mo. The university only receives £676M a year and has a pitiful endowment of £3.4B compared to Harvard's £17.7B...despite this poverty though, Ashley's alma mater has 47 Nobel Prizewinners compared to Harvard's 43. I don't think Oxbarrio Uni will ever catch up in the money stakes as Harvard is a private school and Oxbarrio is a state school and it doesn't have tuition fees for undergrads...Also, the thinking in socialist Europe is that education remains a responsibility of the state and hence alumni think that paying taxes is enough...(which in my humble opinion is tama naman...although the rich should definitely try to contribute more...)
If you is wondering how they came up with that target of £1.25B, methinks it's simply pataasan ng ihi higher than Cambridge's (82 Nobel winners) £1B campaign (to which I have not yet donated despite many letters sent to my home address in Baguio...ano ba, hindi pa naman ako sumusweldo above menemum wage.)

Incidentally, congratulations to the new Republic of Nepal! At least those Maoists did something right in abolishing the monarchy na walang katuturan.. Pero sa Mindanao, meron pa ring mga kaibigan si Ashley na feeling Datu or Sultan na descended from langit (kahit mas mukhang sa pwit sila galing...)

Monday, 26 May 2008

Time Travel: Before and After

A kink in the time-space continuum allows the future to co-exist with the present. Scary. Told you not to mess with those particle accelerators!

Just asking....

I only caught glimpses of that pedestrian karaoke singing contest pero pwera biro, tingnan niyo ang butas ng ilong ni Archie habang nag-eemote sa pagkanta at yung ilong ni Kiko pag siya naman ay nagpapa-pogi sa senado. Parehong pareho!

Kaya naman, I quickly sent off an email to the good senator's office. As a taxpayer, I have the right to know!

Snap Photo Assault: Summer Regatta at the Balili River...and why we love rowing and rowers....

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit begin the day with a burrito lunch with Ceri on the grounds of the oldest debating union/chamber in the world. (A debating club that thankfully does not have pretentious adjectives like "forensics society" etc...)

The first race of the day. I was with my housemate Annie (rowing in the 3rd division, as in kulelat division) watching REAL rowers from my beloved college.

As part of my divorce settlement with Annie, I have full custody of the twins on weekends...

Our first boat of the day. All our college teams did well and bumped up the rankings!

Steely determination from our rowers...

The start, conveniently next to the Mansion.

Our boat bumps and wins! And I must say, the girls are prettier when happy!

...Off to our boathouse to watch the rest of the day's races.

This is Ikin's boat team. Hmm, lots of cute girls too! Ikin, funyeta, baket di mo sinabing marami palang scwhing sa college mo? Eh di sana madalas ako natambay sa library niyo!

So why do we love rowing?

Ok, I was distracted by the cheerleaders but that girl with the red shoes and polka-dot dress is hotness!

Our friends from another college prep their boat. Carbon fibre, £35,000, cheap.

HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit check that everything is in order.

Why do we love rowers and rowing?

This is Ashley's boathouse. Sus, row sexy daw, wala naman seksi sa college mo Ashley! Asaan diyan? Aber?

It's such a nice place to see and and to be seen...

Of course, let us not forget to quench our thirst with pints and pints of alcohol! Ayon sa last budget report ng government, naghihirap daw ang Oxbarrio Uni...nagtaasan na kasi ang presyo ng alak! Tanggalin na nila budget sa mga walang kwentang kurso tulad ng Theology (a publicly funded university has no business teaching religion outside of the historical context anyway! Sa simbahan nalang yan!) pero hwag na hwag nilang alisin ang perang nakalaan para sa alak! Otherwise, we are not takot to make rally!

HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit on the balcony...

Yes, NOT gatorade (that's so american ha!) but gin-based drinks power our athletes.

We had so much meat for the day that HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit dragged us all to the vegan pub for dinner!

This Section is for my good friend Ashley, who could not be here today. I know how much he loves the races because of the lycra-clad men. (Alam niyo naman ako, equal opportunities and fair trade for all, meron rin akong inilaan para sa mga hindi type ang bebang at mga dyoga...kaya para sa mga ka-tribu ni's some BUKOL shots....)

O Ashley, bumabakat...oo maliit, pero parang sa kanta ni Xtina Aguilera, parang genie in a bottle yan, you have to rub it the right way...

Grabe, imoral! Tingnan mo naman yung nasa left, talagang dinaliri na ang bote ng Lily's Peanut Butter. Kasya pa dalawa, lalarga na. Pero alam ko Ashley, kung mas imoral ayon kay Manoling Morato, mas masarap para sa iyo...

Para solb ang araw mo Ashley, heto ang direction papuntang langit - Kumaliwa ka.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Yes, unlike Rene and Josh, I have a cheap point and shoot camera....

...but, it's the subject that counts...

...and there's more...(but I'm feeling selfish today...)

Friday, 23 May 2008


His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem eagerly awaits for PA/PR Gromit to unravel the contents of this mystery envelope left in our pigeonhole....'s half a million!!!!!!!!!!!!................Zimbabwe dollars. Our friend was inside recently to check how things are going in that messed up country...

Due to hyper-inflation this isn't even worth the paper it's printed on!

I remember when Espana still had pesetas and I had 30,000 pesetas in my pocket but half a million is ridiculous.

Why did they even bother to put security features????

Thursday, 22 May 2008

What will The Nashman wear??

...much as I would like to ride in the same outfit I was wearing when I came out of my dear mother's vajayjay, I need to suppor the yagbols from damage so I will probably wear a supporter......

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Who would have thought?

England mounts the biggest invasion of Russia, tickets to the match serving as automatic visas. Hmm, maybe we should have PBA games outside of da Pelepens too.....

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Ashley, pasok ang Bod card namin ni Ikin! Pwede namin siya ma-touch!

Titser's Pet

Hindi naman dahil sa may hitsura siya kaya mataas ang grado na binigay ko sa kanya sa lab practicals. Magaling talaga. Nagkataon lang talaga na may hetsura. Kaya naman bago ako pumasok sa mga tutorial na iyan, nag-rorosaryo ako para mailayo sa tukso. Ashley, ang mga pupils mo ba sa Ateneo ay kasing ganda rin ni Zorayda Ruth Andam, or baka naman Zorayda Sanchez? Kaya naman kahit mura ang talent fee sa pagtuturo ng lab practicals (£11.50/hour), sige, volunteer pa rin ako 6 hours a week.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

OxPinoy Gastronomic Protest Society: Ikin and Padma's Panagbungar

First of all, apologies for the lack of posts. The Nashman got knocked down bad by the sniffles and had to stay in bed for three days. His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit nursed him back to health, with help from the other Mansion dwellers. (You know you are sick when Annie can come into your room barely dressed, touch you inappropriately, taking advantage of your vulnerable state, and you still can't get an erection.)

The Nashman recuperated just in time to celebrate Ikin's All Souls Research Prize and Padma's.. er, we don't really know but she's back from Baguio with some sort of nearly finished thesis. More importantly HRO Karl Willem wanted news from Holland, as like Padma, HRO Karl Willem studied in Leiden. (If you want to know, HRO Karl Willem did Egyptology, focusing on the Book of the Dead.)

When I mentioned on an earlier post about writing a 'praise release' for Ikin in the diario, I was only joking of course. It's not going to happen. We don't do praise releases and it's 'uncool' for a-taga-Bag-baguio to have praise releases. (But we might take up Padma's suggestion of putting up a banner, sponsored by Cerelac, along the BGH flyover para naman Metlogs) But nevertheless, we thank MLQ3 for the link love and we can of course celebrate! And so......

...wait, before that, HRO Karl Willem thanks Padma for bringing some Dutch treats! We will DEFINITELY be summering in Holland this time! HRO Karl Willem misses his hometown. Remember, in Holland, ALL the beaches are nude beaches....mmmmmm

HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit toast Ikin for the Research Prize and Padma for the 99.99% completed thesis....

Since this is essentially a taga-banbantay celebration, the more drinks, the merrier...

...the table is set..assume the magic positions for....

....a Japanese traditional artek stew....(para malimasmasan ang mga tomador, and excellent for a recovering sick man like The Nashman)

...and seaweeds for long life. For we need long lives for our Cordillera researchers to carry on their good works...

The dessert was Sans Rival baked by Alexis, who gets better at it everytime! Siemperds, with more alcohol adi.