Sunday, 28 September 2008

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit and The Nashman are away

The Nashman is on the knife edge and must concentrate for his jump from waaaay there... here as HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit egg him on. Woof!

My Austrian Friend Bruno Hijacks the Agatha Ruiz de la Prada show...

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Snap Photo Assault: OxPinoy Gastronomic Protest Society Meriendinner (ie dinner between 3pm and 8pm)

It's a beautiful day...... eat furry animals. No, we did not opt for the deer (was tempted, but too busy with the thesis..)

...instead we had rabbit veronique...

..made more delish because The Nashman peeled ALL of those grapes by hand!

Starter of really good hard cheese.

The pinoy two-ulam tradition: Rabbit veronique and duck with leeks. We are vegetarians tonight.

Really nice £3.99 wines. Perhaps the only good outcome of this recession.

The table is set to welcome back Lila from New York who forgot where in Oxbarrio she parked her bicycle (two years ago!)

The Nashman started with Clinton and Lourdes' duck creation. Mmmm, melt in the mouth goodness with the vinegar kick in the end.

The Nashman chose rabbit rib cage. Gina's rabbit dish with The Nashman's hand crafted grapes.

Homemade apple pie with perfect buttery crust and a selection of ice cream.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Mongrel Cuisine

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit present a disgustingly fattening dinner for tonight.

Salad with aceto balsamico and extra virgin olive oil, pork chop fried medium rare and saffron-infused jasmine rice. O diba, pinaghalo halo na lahat. Tinamad kasi kami mamalengke. Take note Ashley, ang saffron galing pa sa Iran, handcarry ng aming kaibigan para lang sa amin. Incidentally, saffron should only contain the 'stigma' or the female reproductive part of the crocus. Low quality saffron sometimes contains the 'stamen' which is the male reproductive part. Siempre, I prefer my rice to be pekpek-infused pero sina Ashley at mga kabaran-gay niya prefer their rice to be titi-infused kaya meron talagang market for 'saffron' na may halong stamen....

Today's Nagbabagang Headlines....(Bombo Radyo Gong: tong, tong, tong)

Sabi na nga ba, basta anak ng pastor, pari, o imam.....

Good news! This is a whole lotta love...

I wonder when the Introvoys will get back together....

Bill Gates pokes his palm and unwittingly makes the universally accepted sign language for "Gusto kong komantot"

Ah, it's nice to end the day with good news...

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Ah the memories

The Nashman loves this palace. It used to be the seat of the oldest university in the western world. It is now mainly a public library. I have to admit, even it blows Pamantasan ng Oxbarrio's Duke Humfreys Library. The first time The Nashman was here six years ago, he was instantly smitten. Not just because of the stupendous architectural details but because he also met a very very pretty art restorer. It was love at first sight and watching her work with that tiny brush was...mmmm...I've lost touch with her now but I'm happy I only have perfect and happy memories of that fleeting love affair.

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit love the palazzo too. Would you like us to give you a guided tour???

Sometimes You Should Read the Spam Mail Folder....

Greetings, my new friend, I hope. It Ruzilya writes to you. For me caused interest your structure and now I would like to enter with you in correspondence. That we could learn better each of us and to see how much we approach for each of us. Very much I hope, that you will soon answer me. Because I shall wait very much your answer. That I can shortly tell about myself, in fact it is interesting to you, certainly. I from Russia, me of 26 years. But I till now am lonely also my heart free. Therefore I search only for serious attitudes and the present feeling. If game or flirtation I ask you to not write to me is interesting to you only.

Nevertheless very much I hope to see your answer to me for my electronic address of mail.

Sincerely I hope to receive your answer and I wait. I wish you excellent mood, Ruzilya.

Dorothy, we are no longer in Maharlika Shopping Arcade...

Forty kilometres of arcades. In front of you, arcades, behind you, arcades, to the right, more arcades. That's how much this city has. It's a good thing. It gives you shelter you during the rains and keeps you cool during the summer months. Now I know half the city like the back of my palm (actually, I barely look at the back of my palm so I'm not familiar with it. I think the correct phrase should be "Now I know the city like the creases on my foreskin").

HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit ready to play another game of random walk. Follow the red brick road, follow the red brick road..

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The day the basurero made more than Gordon Gekko

As an aside, my nars kasins are naiinis when people back in our beloved islands quote their salaries in PESOS to make it look huge so that they will be compelled to finance the scheming relathieves harebrained 'businesses' or downright luxurious vices hanggang wala ng natira for the poor nars. You even see it in ads sometimes with "Earn P2M a year as a nurse in the UK" as if naman the UK trades in pesos. True, narses may be peso millionaires but they are not living in the Las Islas ano. Let me break it down, of that £23k, £5.4k is to keep the socialist welfare state going (which is good, because this means universal healthcare and free education for the children), and £3.6k for housing which leaves £14k per year or just about £1.1k/month and on average £300 is sent back home. A single nars would off course be slightly well off with the £800/month (in a place where petrol is £1/litre and pamasahe sa bus is £3.50 and not P6) but have you seen single narses here recently???

Quaint and Wonderful Bookstore..

I dunno, but it reminded me so much of those thrift stores in Baguio that also sold second hand books and comics and sweepstakes tickets. It was one of those moments when time stops (with ala-Star Trek warp speed special visual effects) and then you find yourself transported to a very vivid flashback scene.

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit getting ready to sniff for a literary bargain. We want the oldest version of Dante we can find to add to our collection. Barring that, some vintage Cicciolina photos would do.

Mmm, I love the smell of olde paper in the morning. Now Ho bisogno di aiuto. Dove e il retro porno e libro del sesso, per favore? (Translation: Saan po ang mga kopya ng mga sawikain ng Santo Papa?)

This is how I want my library to look like, with art and photo books, graphic novels, and history books.

The textbook section. Grrrrr. Reminds you of school. We hate school.

The Nashman is currently writing. Do you think if I get this fountain pen, the words will flow smoothly?

Hmm, tempting. Bella penna. Can you spare me some €750 please. I promise to write a thank you note.

Magnolia Choice Cuts: A lesson in anatomy

Presenting choice ingredients for tonight's party: Igado, dinakdakan, and bopis.

White meat is rare but the butchers found a Christian missionary proselyting in the cannibal tribal territory and was promptly caught. Sadly she's European and too skinny for Lapid's lechon cutlets. (You need those disgustingly fat McDo-munching American missionaries for chicharon)

It's nice to have bopis from the lungs of a non-smoker.

Ang kapal ng bulbol ha. Kahit yung labi ng pekpek tinubuan! Eww. Gasgas siguro titi ng jowa niya. Seriously, can you imagine giving making brocha to this girl??? Parang Chewbacca! Didilaan ko nalang kili kili ko.

Ok. You really need to shave the pekpek, you don't want those bulbol in your teeth. And those cannibal culinary critics might send the plate back...

Why this paper outsells Inquirer, Philstar, Manila Bulletin, Abante, and Tempo combined 10 times over....

Free melk! And since it's fresh from cow and not the powdered evil Nestle milk that the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines and Chiz Escudero drink, it's actually good for you. Maybe that horrible Philstar is giving away melamine-enriched skim milk...(incidentally, it costs nearly the same as Philstar. So saan na kayo? Sa diaryo ni Palanca and Pulitzer winner Celine Lopez o dito sa diaryong sumusuporta sa breastfeeding at ipinaglalaban ang karapatan ng mga babae na magkaroon ng malulusog na djoga?)

Snap Photo Assault: The Dawgs Force One

These are your captains HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit welcoming you to The Dawgs Force One. Since this is a Cebu Pacific plane, we are pleased to inform you that there are no safety features or personal entertainment systems on this flight. Nada. Zilch.

The flight captain and the cabin crew are just mildly intoxicated with the minimum pre-flight 1 bottle of alcohol.

As a bonus, on your left is an endangered and soon to be extinct victim of the financial crash of 2008, an Alitalia plane. Due to Berlusconi's pa-pogi points he has delayed the inevitable but only time will tell...

Cabin cross check please fasten your seatbelts....

..which doesn't apply to The Nashman (because he's Filipino and safety rules are an alien concept in their culture) and to HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit because they are experienced pilots. As you know, 3-time Oscar Academy Award Winner Gromit does all his flying stunts.

The dawgs love sunset take-offs! With flying, The Nashman always takes seats on the wings because The Nashman is claustrophobic. The view of the wing bending is oddly very reassuring and we do enjoy turbulence rather than smooth flights.

HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit say Arrividerla to Italia for now...

Making our way over the Swiss-Italian border

...turning left just over the Swiss alps.

HRO Karl Willem is impressed that the coffee is certified eco-ek ek.

The dawgs are really keen aviators. We can't wait for our Orange Cessna to be delivered..

The dawgs spare some euro change for charity. Much as they would have liked to have done some shopping in very fashionable Italia, this year is a recession so the Ilocano genes are overexpressed and it's time to save save save.

France. Just over Paris actually. The dawgs will be in the city of lights next month.

For you, a very orange sunset.

Kaytagal mo nang nawala, babalik ka rin, babalik, at babalik ka rin....

We actually circled Gatwick for 15 minutes to the delight of the dawgs. There were literally 20 airplanes going around and around to get clearance to land. A delay earlier in the day cause a domino effect. Sigh to our carbon footprint. We promise to take the Eurostar next month.

Home (well, second home).