Sunday, 30 November 2008

Intelligent Paris

Lazy Sunday

The breakfast in pseudo-bed. I woke up at 12 noon on my friend's couch. She had the sniffles so no way was I going to jeopardize my health sharing the bed. (I'm convinced she's afflicted with Tuberculosis or Malaria from the coughing or pwede ring STD) Gad, I must have slept 9 hours after yesterday's thanksgiving dinner. His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit suggested we all take a late lunch at naked chef Jaime O's Italian eatery....

HRO Karl Willem had a Bellini while PA/PR Gromit downed a Bloody Mary as aperitif and also to wash away any hangovers from last night.

HRO Karl Willem barked we try the sardine bruschetta.

...Mmmm, The Nashman loves fresh grilled sardines.

For the mains, HRO Karl Willem gobbled up prawn linguini while PA/PR Gromit went for the sausage papardelle.

Since The Nashman is now morbidly obese, the dawgs advised against taking any desserts. Instead, HRO Karl Willem suggested we all walk off some of the calories to The Morse Bar (one of the few places that serve a Vesper cocktail) for some refreshing tea.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Snap Photo Assault: Stylist, Pork, Bunnies, Thanksgiving.

I think I must have found the best gourmet indian restaurant in Hampshire. This is my second time and I had lamb mohini and lentil with garlic with chili rice. It was melt in the mouth goodness.

For dessert, poached mangoes in orange blossom.

Early saturday morning I went get a trim. This is my stylist's dog. He is 14 human years old.

I love his locks and the fact that my stylist is a very tough looking man but is so camp. Getting a trim is like being in a musical. Aretha Franklin was on and he did a big production number while cutting my hair.

On the way to the train station, I paid my respects to Herr Pork.

The two best cuts of pork. To Pinoys at least.

Arrived in Oxford. Sugar lunch.

The hunt was good in the duchy this morning I see..

Mr. Feller shot waaay too much bunnies this morning again....waaaaay too much. It's bunny massacre.

At least they managed to get pheasants and some other feathered friends...

...this bodes well for my planned tagine lunch next week...

The mandatory view from our common room. I got my eurostar tickets to Paris on my mailbox. Wohooo!...(Meron isang cutie na Irish lass na kasabay ko chillaxing. Feel ko tuloy ako si Rizal. Pakape-kape muna...)

Off for some window shopping - bookstore, mens' store, and wine cellars to get some vino for my FIRST ever Thanksgiving dinner. Being Filipino and being Igorot, I have never celebrated this holiday before. But if we can forgive the Japanese and the Germans, we can forgive the puritans who displaced the native american indians too. Besides, with Barack, the US of A is kewl again. (At to be fair, all my american friends have passports which generally means, they are my type of kanos.)

I present you tonight's star, Nigel.

This is like the geek party - physicists, medics, and writers. This is also the gene pool of the future. Since Barack is mixed race, we have a Pakistani-German, Swedish-Peruvian, Spanish-Russian and me, half-Pinoy, half amazing. And ZOMG, I just realised I have some of the hottest collegemates.

My dear particle physicist friend really went all out for this holiday. With the props and everything. Five stars for effort. And the food was really good too. (At ang ganda nung kaibigan niya galing London. Actress/writer ang tita kaya naman mega-may I know you very well ako just in case may play ulit siya sa london para front row centre ako)

As a sign of appreciation, I work my sculptural magic on the candles. I made a pekpek. I do have a masters in erotic sculpture.

The party moves elsewhere but there are some things that I will never put on my online diary to protect the innocent in case they have ambitions to run for higher office.

Ah, Nigel. It was a very brief love affair. Sulit na sulit kahit hindi ko naka-usap si Thom Yorke kanina. Fotang-enang shet talaga. We crossed paths and it took me awhile. I was like Hmm, parang looks family yun ah..and then it hit me. By that time, malayo na siya...leche.

Friday, 28 November 2008


I came home as soon as I read the message from PA/PR Gromit. There was some very sad news. Someone from my childhood was killed. Why? Why does this happen to good people? Why doesn't the good lord take evile persons like Mike Arroyo and other scum lawyers??

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit suprised and confused at the sudden turn of events...

Bruce Wayne is dead! But, but, we are only halfway through Trinity can this be? We were surprise and confuse talaga.

Bruce Wayne's father faked his death to come back and kill Bruce....

..but as Bruce Wayne's father tries to escape, Bruce hurls himself to the helicopter and they all crash...

Will Tim Drake become the Batman? Or Will Dick Grayson?

Help End The Recession: It's payday today, let's go to the village...

Ok, troops, stick to the plan. These stores only.

Celebs and Fashionistas line up to wave last night's cream of mushroom soup with spam cubes Au Revoir...

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Tarsday Balibalita

O ha, ang mga Pinoy talaga alaskador pero pag sila inalaska ng Desperate Housewives iyak agad..

The answer is, like Ashley's Royal friend, badingerz siya. (Incidentally, I remember Doug Kramer being badingerz in high school at maniwala man kayo sa hindi mas magaling ako sa basketbol noon kaysa sa kanya pero ngayon, lalakwe na siya, PBA player pa. So Ashley, may pag-asa ka pang ma-cure. Halika, join ka sa church namin para magamot ka. Galit si God sa mga katulad mo.)

Life's a bitch. Ganyan rin ba yung kennel ng Royal Friend mo sa Culiat, Ashley? Does his pets have a mansion with your royal friend's so-called prizewinning artworks hanging on the dingdings?

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit are again puzzled at The Nashman's disgusting dinner.

De lata galore!! Campbell's cream of mushroom soup with spam cubes! Yaki kadiri but to make it a little bit posh, The Nashman added saffron from Persia, Italian dried chili, and overpriced sea salt from the Med. O diba Ashley? Pwede na akong maningil ng P550 per serving.

We knows, it's not going to win a Monde Selection medal like Skyflakes but it's damn ready to eat in 3 minutes comfort food...

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Art imitating Art

Sometime last year these stunningly beautiful photos of The Nashman were released to critical acclaim...

This year, His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit have been invited to unveil a series of public sculptures by the Italian artist Paola Epifani, more popularly known as Rabarama....

The dawgs and the uncanny resemblance.....

The Nashman begets art.

If the pervert Senator Manny Villar and his way with his idiotic Anti-obscenity law, public art like this would never see the light of day.

Darling, look on the bright side....

...and the 2009 Nobel Prize for Medicine is awarded to Andrew Ford Medina for his pioneering studies on the Chaka genes....

Hubad Tilapia Fishermen

I find "The Last Man Standing" one of the more enjoyable BBC reality programs. The set-up is you bring 6 westerners to different parts of the world to live as the locals do and to learn an indigenous sport within a week before joining a tournament. So far there have been contact sports and endurance races. For the 7th leg, they were in the Philippines to learn sikaran. There is the usual Pinoy initiation of balut eating and the guitar-accompanied singing but who would have thought that tilapia fishermen are still more sensible and catch our fish au naturelle? What about sunburn and drug (glutathione) addict and pusher Senator Loren Legarda's Whiten the Philippines Program? And how will the pervert Senator Manny Villar react to this 'obscene' show of flesh on primetime TV?
Be careful with the fishing line.....

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

But Is I Ethnic enough?

Ayan Ashley, pwidi ka na maging Mata Hari or Deep Pene agent....etnik etnik na drama nila ngayon....

Si Ashley, he also got the 'tap' from an Oxbridge Don. Ibang klaseng 'tap' nga lang...Ashley's royal friend on the other hand was desperate to be tapped pero wa pumatol sa kanya...