Friday, 24 April 2009


My very good friend and I were having a walk and she explained to me this concept called "The Ladder Theory".

Apparently, men have one ladder while women have two.

When a man meets a girl, the man puts her on the one ladder on a step the height of which is determined by how the man ranks her according to his criteria of whatnot (beauty, intelligence, humour...etc). Regardless of where the man puts the girl on the ladder, the man will want to shag her if and when the opportunity presents itself.

Women have two ladders, one for 'friends' that rank the men in their lives who they will never have sex with, and another for 'sex', as in men who they will want to shag and/or have a relationship with.

It is possible for men on the 'sex' ladder to be demoted to the 'friends' ladder while men trying to jump from the 'friends' ladder to the 'sex' ladder will always fall into an abyss from whence they will not be heard of again.

I am not going to jump between those two ladders.


Anonymous said...

1. Why is the typeface different?

2. You should not try to have sex on a ladder.

The Nashman said...

sex on a ladder is good...think of the positions

Anonymous said...

But how do you know what ladder you're on?

The Nashman said...

i is on the friends ladder because we sleep together sometimes but there has been no involuntary nocturnal emissions with her

Anonymous said...

But it's not your involuntary nervous system that decides what ladder you're on, silly. :p

ashley said...

i prefer a walking stick rather than a ladder.

unwritten said...

that's a great story, grandpa.