Friday, 1 May 2009

The first thing natives do in Baguio when they return after a long absence... go to the market. But first, we must exhange some Lilibeths for some Quezons and Ninoys.

An old lady points to my stash. Sorry bitch, I got here first. Those are MINE.

Manang extols the virtues of her fresh her ar-arusip.

Mmmmm. Hello mango my old friend, I've come to suck on you again.

We also need unripe mangoes and sili!

And low-salt alamang. In case you don't knowing, low-salt alamang is lighter in colour.

The second thing Baguio natives, coming back after a long absence, do is catch up on the local gossip...which means reading the obituary pages and the wedding bans in the Baguio Midland Courier.

Front row centre of the ubiquitous Pelefin transport..

...but bring your own.

I found a place where they can rebond my bulbol. The 'before' and 'after' photos clinched it for me.

We have a new newsboy who throws the paper down the gate as my parents have a rabid mongrel living with them now.

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The Becky said...

wah! ar-arusip! may ginukan din ba dyan?