Sunday, 17 May 2009

God invented sundays so you could... your laundry. O ha, Ashley, I do my own washing at para tumagal ang aking mga mumurahing designer wear, dapat handwashed. Kahit once every two years lang ako bumili ng murang Dunhill shirts, hindi naman siya false economy di tulad ng Royal Friend mo from the Sultanate of Culiat na araw araw nag-sa-shopping sa Gap.

For Sunday lunch, we caught some water critters last Friday which we've fed with flour..

..make sure they is alive...

And like Jesus, on the third day, you open them up.

..and let them sit on the right hand of gabi and sili.


unwritten said...

i love your raw, unadulterated documentation of A Day In The Nashman's Life.


Brian Brotarlo said...

ashley said...

looks yum as i am.