Thursday, 14 May 2009

It's sempol, rili

I was shock and surprise talaga. P7 for one piece of yema??? That's the other shock of the day along with the post office who wanted to charge me P1050 for a postcard and Ibay's token to Alemanya. WTF. Actually, the yema, I can understand. The ingredients are basic commodities and we all know they have gone up in price. So I challenged myself. Can I make enough yema to cure diabetics for less than P100?

Yema is so easy. Except for the Carnation (P34 for 300ml) we got the cheapest ingredients available - white eggs from battery chickens (P20 for 4) and, no I am not joking, imitation vanilla extract(??) (P10.75). There was no lemon zest available.

Whisk everything.

Mix over low heat. Take note Ashley, dapat La Germania ang kalan.

...till you get a thick cream...

...shape. (The Nashman does not know how to make those triangles.)

Make caramel (probably P15)

Dip and cover with plastic recycled from your Xmas parols which you are just taking down now.


The answer is: No, you cannot make yema for P100 even with the cheapest ingredients.


dementia said...

aha! you is left-handed!

The Nashman said...

i'm ambidextrous, i can wank on one hand while the other fingers you.

dementia said...

Please to demonstrate!