Tuesday, 19 May 2009

It's so hot naman here!

The view from my 'bedroom' ie Karen Walker's living room.

The first order of the day was to visit my bank which had this on the lobby. To those not familiar with Filipino life, this is a REALISTIC portrayal of Filipino farmers who are tripping on acid as seen in countless Amorsolo paintings. Check out the psycho-looking children and marvel at how glutathione maintains our caucasian skin tone.

I like the security officers' uniforms. It's talagang naangkop sa tropics! Bravo for being practical! Ewan lang ha, bakit nag-aamerikana ang mga workers sa Makati! Sobrang init kaya!

The new tagalogz.

Off we went to San Pedro, Laguna for lunch..

Don't cha like Japanese-style showers? You sit on the stool and make tabo.

For lunch we had excellent Japanese meal! I mean fricking excellent! Kudos to Karen Walker for finding a great japanese cuisine chef!

Kaytee tries weird food for the first time.

After lunch, The Nashman had to return to Makati to meet his personal banker (who was being difficult). Along the way we passed this glass and steel church. Sabi ni Bitoy (ang magaling at mabilis na driver ni Karen Walker), diyan daw nagpakasal si Vandolph.

By special request, The Nashman wanted to inspect Manny Villar's controversial road project. Honga naman, it's plainly obvious that this road benefitted and raised the market value of the new housing projects on either side. You must be blind if you don't notice dahil wala namang mga bayan bayan na madaadaanan nito kundi posh subdivisions. ST talaga, Singit at Taga.

I am confuse. May Hello Kitty stickers kasi ako.

Take note, this is the official morgue. Dead bodies found elsewhere are void.

Skyway, weeee! Earlier, sa traffic ng SLEX winang-wang kami ng convoy ng red-plated SUVs. Tumabi-tabi daw ang mga kotse kahit super sikip na sa traffic para maka-daan sila. PUTANG-INA NINYO! What makes YOUR time more important than the rest of the citizenry! SHET, AS IF NAMAN MABILIS KAYO MAGTRABAHO SA GOBYERNO! SA KALSADA LANG KAYO MABILIS! And what is the point of a 5-car convoy??? Kasama ba yan sa environmental policies ng Pangulong GMA??

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