Monday, 18 May 2009

The Nashman come down de mountain...

Occasionally, members of Kabunian's chosen tribe have to come down from the Cordilleras to do some errands and mingle with the southern lowlanders. Going to the capital city is not a trip Igorots like The Nashman look forward to because it is such a shock to the system - the heat, the cost, the Claire Danes Cockroaches, the hassle, and the overpriced food of dubious provenance sold at Victory Liner pit stops.

The Nashman was a chance passenger on the 2pm bus, ergo, it was going to be backseat action.

The bus had not moved an inch when my inconsiderate seatmate started munching nauseating Jollibee burger. Ugh.

Marcos Highway has been renamed whateveriforgotcouldn'tcarelessitwillalwaysbeMarcoshighway.

That's the viaduct built by the Japanese (I think it's jap money - part of their war reparations).

It is a quick and winding ascent down to La Union. least there are some patches of secondary growth forest left.

I told you KFC is in cahoots with drug companies who supply hormones for their chickens.

Paano kung mahal ang benta ninyong pagkain???

Another pregnant Filipino found.

Da Tarlac Sunset..

...turning pink.

Let me just add that the Victory Liner Bus dropped me off at EDSA, literally. I was unceremoniously dumped sa kahabaan ng EDSA kanto Ayala and had to dodge buses, cars, kotong cops, MMDA pink fences, and hustlers. Fortunately I survived and was given a warm welcome by Ashley, our lawyer Karen Walker, and Kaytee! Biro niyo, para akong MILF peace negotiator, napagbati ko silang lahat! Ashley and Karen Walker have not spoken to each other for years, while Ashley and Kaytee have not seen each other for ages too! Alam niyo naman ako, give lang ng give.

After dinner at Le Gourmet at Rustan's in Glorietta (forgettable and pricey, avoid), we went to Damaso's for sweets.

I think that was the dalandan cheesecake. It was delish.

Then, off to the Rockwell area which The Nashman discovered is the new Ermita with lots of fokfokation going on.

We wonders what's behind those red doors.

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