Sunday, 10 May 2009

Princes Charming Croaked to Death

Look what Manang caught from the rice paddies of La Union this morning! Froggies! Frogs are around the same price as chicken, P120 per kilo, but frogs are more healthful.

It's good she skinned them too. I don't like skinning frogs because it's a bit difficult. Normally, we'd do these critters in white wine but The Nashman wanted something more local and we are sick of adobo so we decided on an old favourite - fried froggies. First the frogs are bathed in calamansi and salt.

Deserves a french kiss don't 'cha think?

Look, it's a frog titi. Back in the days, you could not opt out of dissecting frogs in basic zoology class for 'religious' or 'vegetarian/save the animals' reasons. You HAD to to do it, otherwise you fail.

Frog Missionary Sex

Frog Doggy Style.

Frog 69.

Frog Anal Train Orgy

After a few minutes in the calamansi bath, the frogs are washed and then finally seasoned with fresh ground pepper, cayenne, Pangasinan Star sea salt, and Ilocos garlic. Mmmm

The frogs get it on in a love bed of flour.

Our adopted stray cat Chiquita nods in approval.

The frogs are deep fried in Baguio oil.

Mmmm, it's JolliKokak Happy Meal. It tastes way better than chicken because frog muscles are juicier.

For a side dish, The Nashman took out the entrails from bangus made into tapa..

...and sauteed it with onion and tomatoes...

Serve with La Union ar-arusip and we have our rustic meal of the day!

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