Sunday, 24 May 2009

Read or Die and Off with Espele Sales' Head.

If you saw the fly instead of Sparky's cleavage, you is a gay.

Grabe na talaga ang conyo halo-halo. They cut a tree just for that unnecessary umbrella ek-ek.

We took a peak at the bookswap event along the baywalk. Sadly, there were no Espele Sales' effigies for burning.


Books! Books books nourish the soul!

Each one is entitled to go away with five books.

I think it's a good start. There should be more bookswap events!

The stragglers. One's garbage is another one's treasure. By 5pm, all the books found, hopefully, good homes. The Nashman took away some books on Catholic brainwashing hogwash dogma and gave them away as firestarters. There are some books that just deserve to be burned instead of polluting the minds of impressionable youths.


sparks said...


The Nashman said...

you are a B cup.

sparks said...

the b cupeth overfloweth