Friday, 8 May 2009

Time to Reacquaint our Immune System with the flavours of da streets

Da istandard brikpast. O ha Ashley, support the local economy, eat locally. Wala na tayo sa Limoges, hindi na pwedeng pa-imported imported tulad ng Royal Friend mo from the Sultanate of Culiat na nilalabas ang panis na brie (he pronounce it 'bray') with soggy croissant. Pero ang pandesal ha, 2 pesoses isa. I was shock and confuse.

Goto alley. Naimas, nadalus, nalaka.

For all things banana, The Nashman goes to New Lucban.

All parts of the animal are efficiently utilised to feed our tapeworms.

Deep fried gizzard then dipped in sili-vinegar...mmmm.

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ashley said...

yum yum