Thursday, 14 May 2009

Weight Gain..... inevitable when you are living with your parents, especially with full breakfasts. Pan de sal is actually more expensive now than a filling rice meal.

The disadvantage of course is that while your body is satiated, your spirit is parched as living with the parents means you cannot have meaningful one night stands with other souls whose spirits need nourishing.

The versatile tilapia soaking in coconut oil with lemongrass and other types of grass.

I never knew you could take the skin from tapa and make it into tuyo.

Spoilt for breakfast.

We RARELY eat processed foods. First of all, we live in a vegetable and rice basket. Secondly, we are two hours from the South China Sea, sea critters climb up to the mountains everyday on the bayongs of inverted tobacco smoking manangs. Thirdly, going to market every morning is not a problem, it's a 30 minute walk. But I just had to buy this! It's probably Wency Cornejo's pavourite sausage, yes sir it's tyfical.

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