Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Baguio City 2009 : Summer Capital of the Philippines. Clean and Green City Hall of Famer

Welcome to Baguio City, an overpopulated and air polluted city 1400m above sea level. The people consume so much and thus throw so much as well. Meanwhile, the city council, populated by religious bible nutters, who think praying alone with no action makes the stench go away, and led by an incompetent city mayor for the second political term in a row (Bautista, who bizarrely went on holiday in the middle of the crisis. The previous old fart, Yaranon, was only concerned with where to park his car) are running like headless chickens. On the other hand, that monstrous temple of consumerism, SM-Baguio, continues to attract smoke belching busloads upon busloads of 'excursionists' who add nothing to the local culture and economy except for more garbage.

Come to Baguio City as we celebrate our Centennial Year. Our celebration logo contains butterflies but in reality you'll see flies, mosquitoes, and rats. Parking is not a problem as the Catholic Church, who should know better, are engaged in the lucrative pay-parking business, installing ugly steel structures that have obscured the line of sight to one of Baguio's better architectural landmarks. Come to Baguio City and instead of everlasting leis, we'll give you an unlimited supply of garlands made with non-biodegradable SM plastic bags.

I now present you Baguio City's newest art installations. It's a real collaborative work. We are proud of it. Baguio City - Clean and Green. And just so you don't miss it, we've installed mounds upon mounds on every street corner including the central business district. Come to Baguio City 2009, feel it, smell it, savour it.


K. said...

Oh no, that does look horrible. :(

The Nashman said...

come! mounds of detritus photograph very well in large format.

we can do macro shots too.

it's an avante garde way of attracting tourists.

ashley said...

It looks like culiat and marawi!!!!

basura sa baba, basura sa taas. most of all, basura mukha at pag-iisip ng mga tao doon.

The Nashman said...

Tutal ang Baguio ay ang tinuturing na Marawi of the North kaya ayan magsama na silang mga maduduming syudad.

Ewan ba sa mga tao ngayon bakit ang dami nilang basura. Yang conspicuous consumption kasi.

rene said...

major sponsor nyo pala ang SM.

The Nashman said...

Yan ang ad campaign ng SM.

Bawat garbage mound merong SM plastic. Sigurado yan.