Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Continuing Saga of The Nashman's Traveling Penis: Titi takes walk along the bay

The Nashman's Traveling Penis would like to get close to a very wet body today.

The Nashman's Traveling Penis has a lot of liquid assets.

The Nashman's traveling Penis is not afraid of pixelated tank.

The Nashman's Traveling Penis has accomplised lots of covert missions where it got very wet.

The Nashman's Traveling Penis may be tiny but it's got lots of ammunition.

The Nashman's traveling Penis may not be an aircraft carrier in size and is coloured brown like rusty Philppine navy frigates but it always gets the job done

The Nashman's Traveling Penis says "Fuck you" to the Manila Yacht club whose artificial harbour of non-circulating Manila Bay water causes the biggest stink on the Baywalk.

The Nashman's traveling penis takes it to the man.


rosamunde said...

Your penis is lined with color shapshots of food. Is this an Art? Or a Symbolism?

The Nashman said...

this is a post-post modern response to the neoliberal feminism prevalent in our syllogistic nature of duality. An artistic riposte to the synergistic reality that prevents holism.