Sunday, 28 June 2009

CSI Baguio

16:42 pm. Gibraltar Road, Baguio.

What have we here?

Victim died of massive internal injuries, trauma to the lungs and heart caused bleeding. No signs of a struggle. No witnesses.

We know how he died, all we need is motive...

Taaaaan! Hu! Hu! Whoooo are you? tan tan tan tan....

Round up the usual suspects, we need to find the killer before he kills again..


rene said...

Sarap. Sarap ipalaman sa tinapay.

The Nashman said...

Ser, mamser, on behap of CSI-Baguio, ser, mamser, can yu plees to donate a powarpol SLR camera so dat we can emprob awar porensec labs?

Sige na, please lang, i-donate mo na isang slr camera para mas high resolution ang aming kraym payting skillz.