Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Hotel Elizabeth Fersal and Bliss Cafe Baguio welcomes Environmentalist Chin Chin Gutierrez

To mark this special occassion, Hotel Elizabeth Fersal Baguio cut down a century old pine tree because....

.....the pine tree blocked the view (I thought people came up to Baguio to enjoy pine trees)?.....maybe the tree was bad feng shui ek-ek(removal of CO2 from the atmosphere and photosynthesis is bad luck)?....they needed new lumber to make a stage for Chin Chin Gutierrez' solo exhibition?....vegetarians don't kill animals but kill trees?? anyways, come to Hotel Elizabeth Fersal Baguio and feast your eyes on their grey retaining wall now that the pine tree is gone. For around $83 per night, you can book a room overlooking the stump.

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