Thursday, 25 June 2009

Let's Have Six More Years of Gloria Para Maabot Natin ang Perswerld Ishtatush

I was walking home yesterday under a light drizzle and noticed this huge banner barking in big bold letters "National Typhoon and Flood Awareness Month" or something to that effect, the key words my sydlexic brain grabbed on to were "Typhoon" and "Awareness".

I looked for my high-tech it's-impossible-to-get-lost-if-you-have-it GPS receiver because the last time I checked my coordinates it said I was in LUZON. You see, unless you were born yesterday and live in Palawan or Mindanao, you have to be fricking aware by now what Typhoons are, what they are capable of doing, where they tend to go, and that we get on average 20 of them a year. This unnecessary exercise is probably another excuse for government busybodies with political ambitions to put their ugly faces on tarpaulins using money better spent on rescue equipment.

And what about the over the top reporting of Media last night. Where is it going to pass in relation to Metro Manila, asked Mel Tiangco and Mike Enrique with apocalyptic doom in their voices as if only Metro Manila mattered. Fuck you Visayas and the Rest of Luzon, fend for yourselves, imperial Manila must be saved. Shouldn't Metro Manila suspend classes, who should we ask? Duh, hello, if you open your door in the morning and see that the floodwaters are more than a quarter of your child's height, will you still send your child to school because PAG-ASA/DEP-ED/LGU didn't say you shouldn't??? Hello, common sense. And fuck you Mel Tiangco and Mike Enriquez for even asking this stupid question on suspension of classes thereby emasculating parents from making decisions for their children.

I'm fortunate enough to be wearing Helly Hansen (thank you Norwegians) which repels water in the same instense manner as honesty's distaste for Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. I don't have a car so covering my impeccably pressed Dunhill shirt in screaming orange gore-tex is a small sacrifice I have to make. I also bring a tiny umbrella easily stowed in my backpack for added protection. Now, why the fuck is it that a majority of college students in Baguio who take the same commute as me do NOT carry any form of rain gear with them?? Hello???? And get this, they're not even carrying bags, their flimsy paper folders/notebooks being held exposed on one hand. WTF. Even if we admit the entrance exam of SLU is a bit of a joke, surely it should have weeded out the IDIOTS who don't bring umbrellas given that whether there is a typhoon/monsoon or not, this time in Baguio means rains? You don't need to verify that yourself, 100 years of Baguio history has made that an inescapable truth. On the bright side, I hope these wet shivering idiots dripping water all over the jeepney seats get pneumonia and die out from the gene pool.

Six more years! Six more years! Re-elect Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as Supreme Leader. More corruption, more idiocy! Six more years! Six more years!


padma said...

I love it when you rant here. Nice, nice, nice choice of graffitti! I know that dog. Really!

Anonymous said...

something about your rantings makes you look 6 feet tall. cge. rant pa.


The Becky said...

galit si manong! :)

The Nashman said...

galet ako sa mga taong binabasa ang upuan ko sa jeep at nagkakalat ng sakit. tang ina nila.

who is the graffiti artist? can i meet him/her for after sunset fun? I want to vandalise tarpaulins of politicians

avegirl said...

haha! I love the last pic!