Monday, 1 June 2009

Snap Photo Assault: Sarf weekend

The Nashman left the fog-fondled and rain-drenched mountains with friends for a weekend in La Union.

The Beach Break packed with (mostly newbie) surfers. My my, how time flies. When The Nashman first started weekending here 8 years ago (mostly as a take-off point for hashing), you had the line-up all to yourself. Even among locals, there were very few surfers. Now the grommets, encouraged by kind-hearted surf tourists who donated boards, have grown up and gracefully ride and carve local waves.

We stopped by a surf shop to get some sex wax. Along with the boom in surfing among Pinoys, came economic benefits. There's employment for surf instructors, carinderias to cater for backpacker-surfers, and rental income for local residents who have a spare room. Even the ridiculously overpriced adjacent Sebay resort which used to be so snooty against surfers (hello, it used to be a pit stop for buses!) is trying to cash in and now has the word 'surfer' on its business name.

You kinda wish for a freak wave to drag Luli and GMA into oblivion.

The swell forecast for this weekend was actually 2-4ish feet of waves. This trip was more about celebrating personal successes of members of the Baguio Boardriders Club. A goat was slaughtered and offered to the gods and cases of cerveza were chilled.

The traditional South China Sea sunset. It may be 'less' specta-hue-cular than Manila Bay but unlike Manila Bay, you can actually soak in these waters without getting nasty diseases.

While the goat simmered, The Nashman fundraised. A loan of 5 pesos grew to a whopping 30 pesos!

You cannot get any fresher or yummier than this. We scanned a fisherman's boat on the horizon and quickly acted to intercept him on shore. He had this wonderful 4-kg tuna that was slowly grilled au naturel.

The peeps slept Indonesian longhouse-style.

You will also notice that contrary to teachings of The Catholic Church, unmarried members of the opposite sex slept alternately boy-girl boy girl. Very scandalous! Dapat ireport ito sa guardians of morality! The Nashman, being devout Catholic, slept alone on a bamboo bench under the stars.

The waves were not breaking at the Backyard. the morning was spent chillaxing.

The Nashman tries to shrug off his morning boner by peeing. On this very same spot I convinced my mates to snorkel.

At breakfast, my camera lost its focusing capability at infinity!!

Since when did they start serving taho with a straw???

As there were no waves in the Backyard, we moved to The Pier but the waves were disappointingly low there too.

Only the Beach Break was working that day with 3 foot swells and it was packed.

Anne's brunch.

Yes ser it's tyfical. Pinoys go to the beach and hide under an umbrella.

Before going back up to Baguio, we had dinner at McDo. My first McDo meal since arriving. Now I realise why I barely eat at McDonald's. Not only is the food expensive, the deep fried rat they sell as 'chicken' was disgusting as well. It was covered in an unedible crust of god knows what.

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