Sunday, 28 June 2009

Snap Photo Assault: Saturday and Sunday

Our friend is part of a photo exhibition over at the Flying Gecko. Go look at them pictures by Baguio photo enthusiasts.

Please move away from the buffet table and make way for The Nashman, a friend of the artiste. I said, move away from the buffet table, friend of the artiste passing through.

Mmm, kami punta photo exhibit dahil doon dami pakain.

Oh, are we supposed to look at the photos? Let me finish my 4th plate (friend of the artiste eh) of finger foods while Manong arranges one of the photos.

All the photos were taken with DSLRs except this. It was taken by a point and shoot by Mon David. O ha? Nawindang ang mga nakakwintas ng SLRs. Sabi kasi wala sa camera yan, nasa tsamba at mata yan. Shet, itago niyo na sa mga fancy bags niyo with silica gels yang mga SLRs niyo.

Coffee anyone?

I challenge this dSLR gurl to a shoot out!

The Nashman's photo entitled "Non-conformist". This is mine. It can be yours for only P15,780.

Another The Nashman masterpiece called "Cum shot with mint". Price available on application.

For dinner, the cafe resumed normal business. Go dine there and ogle at the works. Now na.

Da barkada went to the Baguio night ukay-ukay market. And yes, there was a tranny selling a fine selection of jeans. The Nashman has no money and made tusok tusok the mangga with sili salt instead.

Later in the evening we hopped to a place The Nashman didn't expect to be still standing.

One girl, one cup anyone?

There seemed to be an argument on who modeled for this shot. Was it The Nashman or was it Josh? Who knows? All we knows is that we weren't fat whales back then. We got kicked out at 1am and had to move to the Red Lion till our pretty friend Sunshine appeared. There were cute Danish girls but we got beaten by Koreans and Nigerians. The Nigerians simply had too many cheesy lines. Yes, there were some trannies in the pub too. This is Baguio you know. We OD'd on popcorn and beer.

Baguio at 6am is traffic-free. Sadly, that fucking stupid ugly cement pine tree still stands. One day The Nashman will see to it that it gets cut down.

The Nashman awoke at 1am and immediately proceeded to Manong agbibinatog.

There was a book ukay at Cafe by the Ruins.

The Nashman will not make any comments.

No further comments.

For a healthy Pelefins, let's exercise our kegel muscle! For men, put a towel over your erect penis as a weight and with your kegel muscle, try to move it up and down. (In The Nashman's case, he uses a handkerchief)

Buth Dalisay's collection of Essays is directly aimed at The Nashman.

This is why The Nashman be so fat. For Dinner, we had some watwat.

Just fry the fats and don't even bother sauteeing it with veggies. Just eat straight up. It's character-, and paunch-, building


unwritten said...

last picture is sinfully yum, esp. pag tustado and the fat had a mild crunch to it. taena.

The Nashman said...

it's very heartfelt too.