Thursday, 4 June 2009

Snap Photo Assault: A Very Nice Day for a Walk

A rainy day in Baguio is a good time to walk around the city and to do some window shopping.

Go fondle some Baguio tits. This is the Baguio at 100 logo. Good luck finding butterflies in a now ugly city full of uncollected garbage.

Nude man worships pyramid. Adultery!

The face of hedge evil stares at you.

What do you MEAN I can't skate today? But those cans make a nice obstacle course!

In Baguio, we natives like to fondle our tits.

Do you think Kate Winslet survived?

Another fine vessel sunk by the treacherous waters of Burnham.

The lake's Psycho bears. Beware of their furry charms or they may lead you into the abyss.

Don't you love having the park all to yourself?

And now for a round of football. The lawnmower man just quit and left it at that. The bastard.

The Nashman went one of the original ukayans at the Bayanihan hotel but was disappointed. Seriously, the prices were no longer ukay-ukay! It's ridiculous! Hokenana, apay nag-ngina metten! General, what is happening to awar cowntree!

After a fruitless 2 hour scouring of the Bayanihan labyrinth, The Nashman gave up and went up to Sishun to eat some shawarma. And the shawarma has shrunk in size too! It's only marginally bigger in diameter than The Nashman's one-inch thick penis!

How come our founding fathers didn't negotiate for good weather all year in the Treaty of Paris! It's been raining the whole week!

Wassup wassup? How's it hanging yo? Jesus be just chillaxing and enjoying the showers, ayt.

Making a splash. Admit it, you is jealous coz The Nashman be out playing in the rain while you is at work innit?

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit prepared a nice dinner for a famished The Nashman. Mmmm, porky parts in bean soup to be dipped in patis with sili.


unwritten said...

"Do you think Kate Winslet survived?"

i like this unpretentious chronicling of your coming home using your kawawa yet trusy point-and-shoot.

The Nashman said...

don't hate me coz i is beautiful, yo.

gandang said...

wow.. you're home. well, you don't know me but i was wondering .. :P been readin ur blog since 06 :j and i'm at.. 445-39... Ü

The Nashman said...

anong kasunod? you can rent me for a plate of kilawen and dinakdakan.

Anonymous said...

lol til when will you be here i'll do you one better and invite you to Tacay with the kasinsins, you've been here quite a while i see