Wednesday, 3 June 2009

What does this means?

The Municipality of La Trinidad is sending mixed signals to our impressionable youths! The youths will be confuse! Why are La Trinidad dads promoting the violent but very lucrative bloodsport of boxing OVER fabulosity?? Would the children rather have $30M in pay-per-view revenue in their bank accounts but a basag-basag na mukha rather than flawless skin? Please, the peoples of La Trinidad needs to knows.

To my Thai fans, which country has the better tranny, beyatch? Bring it on! (O ha Ashley, may ganyan ba sa Marawi? Ganyan ba kaganda ang iyong Royal Friend from Culiat in full regalia?)


ashley said...

kamukha ng isa dyan si royal friend.

The Nashman said...

ows? diba sobrang pangeeeet yung royal friend mo?

tandaan, ang tae, balutin mo man ng ginto, tae pa rin.