Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Continuing Saga of The Nashman's Traveling Penis: Titi is a Revolutionary

The Nashman's Traveling Penis (show much much larger than actual size) has a storied history. It's been in many deep and shallow excavations.

Mama Teodora tells Indio-Ilustrado Jose to take good care of his traveling penis. History tells us that Jose Rizal did take his mother's advice to heart and thus was able to shag lots of international totty.

At "Show and Tell" class at the Ateneo de Municipal de Manila, The Nashman's Traveling Penis listens in to another of Jose Rizal's overbearing moralistic truisms.

Jose Rizal in praise of Traveling Penises everywhere.

Dr. Jose Rizal knows that oral medication needs some traveling penis.

The Katipunero's agree, without a brave traveling penis willing to insert itself to the cause, any revolution will fail. Viva la Revolucion! Viva la Traveling Penis. Hasta la Victoria, siempre!

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