Sunday, 5 July 2009

National Museo

Go visit. Cheaper than piss being sold as 'coffee' at Starbucks. And you'll have the entire museum to yourself. The collection is not that extensive and there are a lot of Eh? WTF? pieces but it has Luna's Spolarium and some Hidalgos.

Yes, the gate is closed but the museum is open. Go in.

It used to be a Legislative Building.

Manila City Hall looks nice. I don't know what it looks like inside.

Corinthian columns.

The sexy staircase.

The men's loos.

The Nashman is dehydrated and can only trickle.

The rusty railings and another museum.

A paparazzo shot of The Nashman's Pretty Friend.

It looks like MLQ.

Looking towards Intramuros.


Anonymous said...

ur making a mess sa floor. nakuuuu!


The Nashman said...

would you rather you and me make a mess on the floor?