Sunday, 9 August 2009

Kiko Kicks Up a Kerfuffle

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit, who have not seen this much rain fall even without a typhoon signal raised over Baguio, cuddle up to Alpha Pet Queenie.
The Nashman, naturally, went out to enjoy the park.
Where are the Jehovah's Witnesses when you need them? When you are sat on the bench talking to someone, they come to talk to you. When you are alone like today, they are gone. Is that what Jehovah wants you to do?
Live electric wires and wet tarmac are exciting, don't you think?
Abad Santos Drive is a slope.
The Rose Garden, apparently.
The Elite Special Forces of Baguio blend with the environment. They're almost invisible.
Da Beneco Boys Be Hanging Out, ayt.
It seems they are sending us a sign. Is that the letter "Y"?

There are still MORONS who bombard radio stations complaining about the lack of electricity in the middle of a powerful storm. Why curse the dark? Enjoy it. Cuddle up to someone.

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Anonymous said...

LMAO on the "special forces".