Monday, 17 August 2009

Kwentong UP

The Nashman's bladder was so full when he got to the UP Diliman but the toilets at Vinzons Hall (I don't know what that building is for, but it's the closest to the jeepney stop) were locked! Ha? Saan umiihi ang mga tao dito? Wala, lahat ng toilet sa area na ito, nakasara. Ha? Eh ang daming tao ngayon eh saan sila iihi? Ako sa tabi tabi nalang ako umiihi. So Ok. The Nashman peed on this tree next to the building.

The HEIGHT of IRONY. Rofl lmao talaga.


Anonymous said...

have u ever tried slicing through irony? si dean, naman o.


avegirl said...


kaniguan said...

zee nashman could've been beside me during an entire jeepney ride and i is not aware..oh no!!