Friday, 21 August 2009

Today is Ninoy Aquino Day

Baguio's lucrative Cruise industry quickly recovers after the havoc wrought by Typhoon Kiko.

I have realised I don't really mind the ambulant vendors at Burnham Park. Maybe there should just be a simple and free system of accreditation and scheduling so they don't all descend on the park at the same time. I especially like the ones who carry flasks full of Benguet brewed coffee. Also, the ones who sell anything that can be dipped in vinegar.

What I do hate are the fundamentalist Christians. They occupy EVERY fricking park bench! Imagine your chillaxation ruined by a raving Bible Nutter. And poor couples. All they want is to do jologs PDA things at the park and they are pestered by fundamentalists.

Vendors work hard to make a living in the park. Should you say No thanks, they go away quietly. Fundamentalist Christians are mosquitoes and carry on spreading doom and gloom even after you've told them to fuck off to hell for the 666th time.

Maybe these guys can help us rid the Park of annoying Fundamentalist Christians.

Arnis was one of The Nashman's favourite High School PE subjects. Sadly, The Nashman has bingo wings and this means there is no more speed in his blows as his arms are no longer aerodynamic.

The track of the Athletic Field is in a very sad state. This is why we have not produced Usain Bolt. Even the Kenyan runners say WTF is that and refuse to run on this track.

The Nashman found no gem at the night ukay-ukay. Maybe next time.

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