Friday, 13 November 2009

El placer esta en tus manos (Ang kaligayahan ay nasa iyong kamay)

I have yet to go to Extremadura. The people there are wankers. I'm definitely going there on our next trip to beloved Espana to give out a helping hand. Remember Clinton's health secretary who got fired for saying the teens should masturbate more? Thankfully, the civil servants of Extremadura have more cojones (ie. bayag). They give proper sex education classes for 14-17 year olds including the joys of masturbation. You can't get STDs or unwanted pregnancies from masturbation. You do get flush with happy hormones, which although not on the same level as penetrative consensual sex, is still way waay better than unnaturally abstaining. Also check out the informative and illustrative manual our amigos from the Junta of Extremadura here. It's got answers to questions your parish priest knows but won't share to you.

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