Saturday, 28 November 2009

Elly Pamatong for Philippine President 2010!

Elly Pamatong is a graduate of UP!
Elly Pamatong is a graduate of Silliman University!
Elly Pamatong is a 3-time champion in Oratory at Silliman!
Elly Pamatong is an undefeated debater in UP!
Elly Pamatong has a brain!

Elly Pamatong is our Man! Elect Ely Pamatong for President of the Republic of the Philippines!


Anonymous said...

has it ever occurred to pamatong that no american would allow a 3rd world nation of 90 million filipinos with a voting roll of roughly 40 million who would vote solid for one of their own to upset the balance of power in american politics.

you have to be really stupid to believe america will make philippines one of its state.

now if the philippines only had 1 or 2 million in population then fine, they'll even make pamatong it's state governor.

Dk said...

yes, it would translate to about 150 electors for a single state, which if happens would the most powerful voting bloc in the entire US history. add that to the emigration of millions of filipinos to the mainland it would mean disaster for the US, and the world.