Monday, 14 December 2009

Climate Change

If you were coach Phil Jackson and the game's on the line, would you bench Michael Jordan at the peak of his powers? To do so would be idiotic.

Well, that's what the Philippines has done by booting out Bernarditas Muller from the delegation for the UN Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen. Imagine that! The MOST QUALIFIED Filipina negotiator (she helped draft the KYOTO treaty) was told to move aside for trapo Heherson Alvarez. A joke of an 'environmentalist' (he happens to be on the board of the Philippine Mining Development Corporation), Heherson lacks the chutzpah, gravitas, and influence of Ms. Muller, but there you go, if the Philippines can appoint the imbecile Lito Atienza as its Environment Secretary, it really should be no surprise all all.


Anonymous said...

i couldn't resist, I reposted this on my facebook (the cartoon with the dinosaurs)..

Heherson Alvarez in Copenhagen? What has our country come to..

Marcelle said...

I remember seeing Mr. Alvarez during Ad Congress. I asked the uncomfortable question to him when I got on the mic...

"Sir are you aware that this pamphlet you printed on glossy, NON-RECYCLABLE paper and full color causes a huge carbon footprint, thereby negating your cause?"