Thursday, 17 December 2009

Tiger Woods is still the BEST endorser for Management Consulting Firms and....

MILFy. Tiger making sure the message gets to all demographics.

But of course! Tiger and Condoms!

Finally! When I woke up to the alarm clock radio the other day with the news that Accenture was dropping Tiger, I thought they were insane. Consulting firm. Hello. This is exactly how consulting firms earn their (overpriced) keep. Arthur Andersen would have been proud.


Jim said...

I wish people would realise what a brilliant concept Tiger was trying to achieve. He had been working towards an entirely new approach to golf, constructing a course with holes in different cities, for either stroke play or skins, the player chooses which. Unfortunately he had only managed the first 12/ 13 holes before people could appreciate his approach.

The Nashman said...

Truly, the dams holding back a reservoir of puns and double entendres have been breached.

Fun times.