Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The poor must take public transport

Today it dawned on me how expensive it is to do "The Nashman divides his time between homes in.." as the blurb on my bookflap says. Egad, trains in Inglatera are so expensive compared to the continent. They don't even have free wifi!

Other people of course arrive in style. And it always comes in pairs! Two identical airplanes, two identical helicopters on the SAME single trip!

Random Monday Musings

Monday morning train to Hampshire. The cashier at the Tsekwa grocery freaked me out by adding my purchases correctly even when I was 10 feet away from the counter. Basta sinigaw lang ng tita "That's two pan nineteeh pee". Aba, impress ako, di na kelangan ng Casio memoryado pa niya presyo.

Take note that he is not being chastised for watching porn. He is being investigated for charging it (£10) to a government expense account. Calls to resign have been made although he admitted the mistake and vowed to pay back everything. Naku tito £10?? That's onli 900 handred pesoses, sa Pinas kahit bilyones pa nakawin mo tulad ni Pidal lusot ka pa rin.

Why? Who is he? Why don't londoners know him? Hindi nila siya kilala? Mas kilala pa si Boyet Fajardo? Honestly, who is Zac and what is this movie?? I have never heard of him and it.

Tickets please. To counter the spongers who do not pay bayad their train fare like students of Girls' High in Baguio, the rail company has employed a very menacing ticket inspector.

I loves google street view. It's a total timewaster. Now being used to spy in unfaithful lovers.

My favourite architectural feature of the Middle Earth landscape.

Sigh. All those Kevlar boats are ruining the fun.

I like the juxtaposition of the news and the photo.

Does this applies to brick game??

Right, where is my plane...

...sadly the Home Office still has my passport. I'm normally somewhere else this time of the year...cry cry cry...

Instead, I'm stuck in the not-French riviera.

Gad, the people are so poor, the yachts are less than 100 feet long...and they can't even afford water!

I want to live in a house boat...

The paranoid scare-mongering dystopian state...

This is where the Philippine armed forces can buy belt buckles and metal polish when they finally decide to attack the Chinese and retake the Spratlys. Sugod mga kababayan! Walang binatbat ang kung fu nila sa ating mga wooden rifles!

Er, I'm just here to window shop. When might you have a sale?

Presenting, the new Robocop police wheels. A Ford Ka...

Monday, 30 March 2009

Nothing is as revolting yet delicious at the same time.... seemed like a good idea last night. My anus says no.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Snap Photo Assault: Special Double Issue to Celebrate 20th anniversary of the NPA*

Morning clouds.

Sunday Times Literary Festival marquees.

Regina Jose Galindo, Guatemalan performance artist. It's very depressing and cathartic at the same time. Using her body as a canvass, she highlights the atrocities committed by the military in her country. It's pretty heavy stuff. I cringed at her being hosed down with pressurised water (used on protesters and new prison inmates). In one installation she volunteered to be water tortured, in another she was 8 months pregnant and bound naked with umbilical cords in the manner native women are raped by soldiers, in another she was completely anesthesised and covered in white cloth as if a dead body waiting to be identified.

For brunch, rabbit food, without the rabbit, hence...

Coffee nalang dear.

Let it be known that The Nashman is NOT into big boobs. I want them just the right size. On the girl of course, not me.

It's due to the prevailing world order at that time.

Governments are now wary of buying telecoms equipment from China, especially manufacturers with links to the Chinese military, for fear that such systems may have backdoors for hacking and DDOS like what happened to Estonia recently. Now, do WE really want to push with that broadband deal with ZTE??

Expect the coming week to have lots of staged photo-ops of Gordon and The Superfriends saving the world.

Irony of ironies. At this very moment, my mother called to wish me a Happy Birthday...which I ignored and instead asked how my dog Queenie was doing. Yes, before Manny Pacquiao named his daughter Queen, I was first. Anyways, my dog Queenie, unlike most royal families, is not inbred, hence the long lifespan.

Attention Plurkers: Get a life outside the internets.

Wow, Stella Arnaldo's panties must have been so wet like a sponge under Niagara.

My favourite twitter friend Shaq gives a stinging facial to ghost twitterers.

It sounds like a Porno film.

We completely forgot that it's British Summer Time and we lost one hour but waked up early enough to see the final laps. Science trumps again as Brawn GP, 1-2 in qualifying, were 1-2 in the podium.

I want to slap that idiot Senator Chiz Escudero, who wants to remove basic maths and science in the curriculum, with one of these diffusers.

Pussy Galore.

The marquee being set up. The literary fest starts tonight.

Hmmm, trying to make pitik some of AS Byatt's autographed books.

Spring has sprung?

The mean streets.

Another rough neighborhood.

Hell is just being renovated to welcome the Macapagal-Arroyo Clan, Boyet Fajardo, and Pope Benedict.

Girl on top of tower.

Busker. She sang Beyonce's "If I were a boy...I'd have a lawit..." quite well.

ZOMG!!!! Angelina's mum, Marcheline, was actually WAY HOTTER when she was at the same age as Ange!

Shiloh v. Suri? I'm for Team Shiloh.

I double checked and I triple checked. There are no Pinoys on this list. Apparently, White Castle and Ginebra ads of bikini clad women on horseback don't make the cut.

Blowjob in the park, just as God intended.

Gate to wonderland.

The easiest maze in the world.

Still too cold to punt.

What wonders behind this door? Narnia perhaps?

*NPA = No Permanent Address, hind yung kay gagong Joma.