Tuesday, 28 April 2009

CSI Token Asian Computer Expert Agent Nashman

I wrote this program that enhances the resolution of a blurred image. CSI-Culiat should hire me now.

Bar Codes are so last century...we wonder how the Beast Selection Committee is coping.

Isn't it amazing how time flies so quickly? This is all you need to board a plane today - a data matrix, sent to your mobile phone that you scan on the automated check in counters. I'm going to add some bars and see if I can get upgraded to First class.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Dinner to cheer me up

I'm not doing any of the cooking tonight.
Fish paste
Shrimp mushroom soup.
Fried fish of unknown provenance
Ang tunay na babae hindi gumagamit ng baso sa pag-inom ng beer.

Mango berry kiwi

Friday, 24 April 2009

I am truly back in Middle Earth (but for how long?)

Mmmm, roast dinner.

The view...

...from one of the best benches along the river...'s JRR's

Crisp potato wedges...

..add onions and corned beef (the cheapest one)

Serve with rice.


My very good friend and I were having a walk and she explained to me this concept called "The Ladder Theory".

Apparently, men have one ladder while women have two.

When a man meets a girl, the man puts her on the one ladder on a step the height of which is determined by how the man ranks her according to his criteria of whatnot (beauty, intelligence, humour...etc). Regardless of where the man puts the girl on the ladder, the man will want to shag her if and when the opportunity presents itself.

Women have two ladders, one for 'friends' that rank the men in their lives who they will never have sex with, and another for 'sex', as in men who they will want to shag and/or have a relationship with.

It is possible for men on the 'sex' ladder to be demoted to the 'friends' ladder while men trying to jump from the 'friends' ladder to the 'sex' ladder will always fall into an abyss from whence they will not be heard of again.

I am not going to jump between those two ladders.

Mr. Clean

Pulutin ang batya at tayo'y pumunta sa batis upang maglaba...
Labadami, labango, Mr. Clean mahal ka namin, labadang mas malinis...Ad-adu nga labada, nabangbanglo...Mr. Clean mahal ka namin, dulot mo'y labadami, labango

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

This is how we roll

Salmon and beef...

Good News! Let's Celibate

I had an involuntary nocturnal emission while sleeping on L's bed 19 days ago.

Test 1: Negative! Wohoo!

Test 2: Negative. (Wohoo)^2

Moral of the story: When sharing a bed with a friend. Pray the novena till you doze off completely.

Saan mang sulok ng mundo, meron at merong ka-Jologang nagaganap

Wala ng mas jojologs pa diyan. Pustahan tayo meron silang 'friendship' bracelet na ibinigay sa isa't isa.

The Nashman tastes illicit pleasures so you don't have to.

Walking late one evening The Nashman chanced upon an interesting 'club' hidden in the backstreets of CK.

Very interesting. Say the magic word on the door...

...down to a cavern adorned with skulls and blood and such..

Let's see, let's try five shots of the highest concentration..

Visual acuity before imbibing...

Visual acuity after....

(I am omitting that part where you go through narrow passageways and into a deeper cavern and everyone's naked and chanting and being touchy feely and....)

The Moral of the Story: Live vicariously through The Nashman. Don't do it yourself.

Love in 3 acts

The London Street Cleanliness Bureau - Ridding the streets of unwanted syrupy sweetness.

Snap Photo Assault: Democracy Part 6 - My favourite Protesters

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Martes: 21C and Sunny

Hullow, would you like to model for an STD poster? As the spring ball season and summer arrives, expect a rise in passionate and meaningful one night stands and hence a rise in STDs.

Promoted to Premier League college football team is.

Tulip overload. Smells good though.

Another day in college. Students lazing in the grass with their reading, students sunning themselves, and of course the posh game of croquet.

Bicycle alternative.

Hmmm, wonder why they are flying the Union Jack.

Dinner. We eat with our eyes first. This makes a peasant dish taste 10 times more wonderfulicious than it already is.