Saturday, 30 May 2009

Uridjinal Pistu itu suki

The Nashman spent days sniffing around Baguio for pine nuts and parmigiano but could not find any. His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit, however, convinced The Nashman to make do with what are locally available.

So, the dawgs proceeded to instruct The Nashman to make local pesto sauce using traditional methods.

HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit present our cheap locally sourced ingredients. The native basil was grown by Nuns (so this better be good bitches or The Nashman will burn your CICM convent and drag you, screaming in your habits, into hell), the garlic we thinks is actually from Taiwan because it is ridiculously large and not as flavourful as the petite ones from Ilocos but it will do, then the walnuts, cheap olive oil from Turkey, and of course in lieu of the golden mold from Parma, the local equivalent of Eden cheese!

The labour-intensive part of chopping all the ingredients. If you use a fricking BLENDER, it's NOT the real thing! Pesto is chopped all the way! The Nashman had blisters from all the chopping but it's all to make sure the ingredients retain their texture.

The Nashman chopped and chopped, slowly adding cloves of garlic and walnuts into small bunches of basil until we ran out. PA/PR Gromit added freshly ground pepper and then the olive oil.

Of course, to make it more local, we used elbow macaroni which is a permanent tenant in every Pinoy cupboard. As in pinoy na pinoy. Besides, it was raining and despite pleas from The Nashman's mom to get penne at least, no one wanted to go out.

The Eden cheese melted but we still got the Basil goodness! And we has enough pistu for a week's worth of pan de sal 'bruschettas'

Friday, 29 May 2009

Welcome to the 90s

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit are helping The Nashman clear out his room for the new adopteds who will arrive soon and discover The Nashman's collection of teenage angst. (Yes, we are effectively homeless when the school year starts).

Admit it, you miss cassettes and the 19-panel album covers. Plus you've dreamt that one day the band would thank you in the acknowledgments for your loyal support.


When all of us are lazy to light up the barbecue to char the mandatory fish meal, we go to manang at the city market. She shells inihaw na bangus (large P60, medium P45), inihaw na hito (P60-80), and stuffed inihaw na pusit (P40). Certainly waaaay waay better than what McDo or Jollibee can produce with their grease-filled kitchen.


That's a Michelin gourmet meal right there.

Our New Pet

We've adopted humans, stray cats, ugly as fuck mongrels, so what's an arachnid but another addition to our growing dysfunctional family. Meet the new member of the household, one that's actually useful, Giancarlo the 8-legged critter. Isn't he adorable?

We don't need mosquito nets with Giancarlo around.

Werk it. Drive it like you stole it.

Just to give you a sense of scale, Giancarlo next to a 300ml shampoo bottle

Waking up Pussy

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit can be a bit mischevious sometimes. Today they kept waking up our adopted stray pussy Chiquita. Chiquita does nothing but eat and sleep, as all cats are expected to do. HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit on the other hand want some action and have been nagging The Nashman for another road trip. Mindoro comes to mind mainly because we haven't been there, it's fairly close to Luzon, and more importantly not overly commercialised.

Chiquita looking woozy...the dawgs can be naughty sometimes.

HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit give Chiquita hugs.

Back to sleep again. Lazy pussy

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Anywhere you are in da Pelefins there's always Tranny love

...and is the Shrine of Our Lady of Covadonga a cabaret??

The Sad State of The Melvin Jones Football Ground

No matter how much skanky conyos of The Ateneo de Manila cheer their Eagles, the truth remains harsh - Basketball is all about height. Ateneo Basketball will always be mired in the Hobbit League at sila'y mga egol na mababa ang lepad. Tama na nga yang pagkukunwari.

Instead, da Pelefins should start focusing on football. Let us start by rehabilitating our pitches.

Rare Paparazzo Photos of The Nashman

Making lakad lakad sa tabingi

Making tawid tawid the tulay

Making wonder dahil unlike Baguio wa Pine Trees

Making hanap my bola

These Hayden Camera intrusions into my privacy were made by Kaytee. I feel violated. I was swined like Katrina!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

What up with the dawgs?

Rabid fans of His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit have been asking The Nashman how the dawgs are.

The dawgs are fine. They're bonding with The Nashman's Mom and The Nashman's Dad. They still haven't acclimatised to the hot and humid Baguio weather so Manila is out of the question at the moment. Mornings are spent watching NBA conference finals (Go Orlando! Go Denver!) while afternoons are spent watching classic movies.

For lunch, the dawgs prepare a humble but healthful serving of saba..

...coated in brown sugar and fried..

....mmmm...the simple pleasures of life.

Later in the afternoon, HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit went to Cafe by the Ruins for tea with Ikin. (Behind them are Kidlat's latest work)

HRO Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit ordered refreshing salabat with wild honey to go with the organic fare Cafe by the Ruins is known for.

Greens and tofu with peanut sauce.

...and the wonderfully musical camote bread. Ooh la la.

Cafe by the Ruins of course is a Baguio institution with artists, photogs, hacks, and wonderful nutters showing up every so often.

An afternoon at the Igorot Garden

The Igorot Garden is where you go if you want to bet on something more cerebral. Unlike card games which rely largely on luck and bluffing skills, chess, and to a lesser extent checkers, are very difficult games with all pieces exposed to both parties.

Just so games don't last longer than a commercial break in GMA-7's Pacquiao coverage, serious punters play blitz. I saw only one youngster on the boards, none in the gallery. Mostly, it was old men. It wasn't as I remembered. Maybe kids prefer the less mentally challenging RPGs and online games. Sad.

The Messiah has been find! Eddie Fernandez for Philippines President!

Peoples of the Philippines! Rejoice! We found the next president of the Philippines! Chiz "Puro dada walang kwenta" Escudero, Loren "Glutathione Addict" Legarda, Manny "Singit at Taga" Villar, Mar "Tang Ina Mo" Roxas at iba pa, tumabi tabi na po kayo dahil wala ng makakapagpigil kay Eddie Fernandez!


I, Mr. Eddie P. Fernandez, of legal age, Filipino and residence of 1914 Jorge Bocobo Street, Malate Manila Philippines. A retired Government Personnel, I will file my Candidacy again for the third time but not for Mayor again in the City of Manila, But for President of our Country an Independent Candidates as Volunteer with out Salary.

For your financially and great support to be one of the representative of federation of Filipino Chinese, be a good public servant of constituents to our country which rich in natural resources God, Please help Amen. Find seek great holy experience the truth that set us free physical, spiritual leadership that materialism can overcome. Respect, love one another 1st Corinthian verse 13 to 13 mankind begin to Adam and Eve, computerized system of identification card is needed to all regardless of Religious Affiliation to worship respect Gods will it is in our Hearts, Mind Souls Spirit and truth legitimate residence no racial discrimination must have at least two hectare of land each married couples for agricultural jobs fish pon, livestock, vegetables, fruit bearing trees planting with out pension fifty years old and above will be given below poverty line. Referendum needed of Metro Manilas residence, Business District, Ongpin, China Town, Downtown, united States Embassy. Regarding oil depot in Pandacan, Manila to transfer to a one island, this is dangerous to the state if terrorist or anti-Christ policy strikes, a different kind of plastic, tarpaulin, rubber, aluminum foils, styrofor must minimize if possible change to leaves of banan plant abaca for ropes, animal skin as natural and not harmful to our sacred soils, of which our life giving spirit because of rice grains, wheat, fruits, vegetables, drinks like in our cocounut trees, which is natural the number one needs of our spiritual upliftment, chemical, pollution, environment, education, internet, sky cable, communication, satellite, media, radio, television network, newspaper, some of them are victimized of commercialism, betrayal and sabotage can any annointed by God, will minimized this perennial problems? It is dangerous and harmful to our sacred soil, free movies twice a week to depressed area with famous Christian Celebrities God fearing movies base from holy bible for spiritual growth of mankind, especially children's in park, plaza, recreation places which open air and natural, sacred soil of this country with good climate for the food and drink we need. If when famine, drought, catastrophe came due for abusing to our natural resources, environment, exploration for black gold or crude oil.
Way back to past century, for processing and preserving nature before Christ Jesus our savior the way the life and the truth. We must be a natures lovers so God will pleased us all project Awareness in Natures love and save the planet earth. Please consider me be one of this project. Developing out door recreation parks, plaza, public market, vacant lots, school, hospital, government institution by planting fruit bearing trees for anti-pollution campaign for protection from heat wave, and radiation of sun, beggars street children, disable need urgent attention, physical spiritual leadership. Squatters to our depressed area, garbage, hospital waste, floods, traffic congested, liar scale, cigaretters, tobaccos smoking need deep study it is dangerous to our health because our body is the temple of the holy spirit including illegal drugs that God cannot tolerate.

Due to the conflict of Religious Sector of Mankind different kind of Faith, vision, principles and cultures, If I became President for the 2010 Presidential race, I will endorse to the proper authorities concern this Philippines Island, which is very rich in natural resources became one of the States of America same as Hawaii or Puerto Rico. So help me God in Jesus name, Amen.
My personal devotion reconciliation and unity among us toward your great support and as your one of good Samaritan Luke 10 verse 25 to 37 New Testament, Holy Bible, Financially in kind and Machinery thank you with love and respect to every individual, I need your legal vote! For President, Republic of the Philippines A retired Local Government Personnel. Received personal copy or my E-mail To Sir/Madam/Christian Youths respectively.
This campaign materials please to pass to others or my email and cellphone number 09081079762.
Thank you so much!

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