Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Hotel Elizabeth Fersal and Bliss Cafe Baguio welcomes Environmentalist Chin Chin Gutierrez

To mark this special occassion, Hotel Elizabeth Fersal Baguio cut down a century old pine tree because....

.....the pine tree blocked the view (I thought people came up to Baguio to enjoy pine trees)?.....maybe the tree was bad feng shui ek-ek(removal of CO2 from the atmosphere and photosynthesis is bad luck)?....they needed new lumber to make a stage for Chin Chin Gutierrez' solo exhibition?....vegetarians don't kill animals but kill trees?? anyways, come to Hotel Elizabeth Fersal Baguio and feast your eyes on their grey retaining wall now that the pine tree is gone. For around $83 per night, you can book a room overlooking the stump.

The Continuing Saga of The Nashman's Traveling Penis: Titi is peckish, wants to dive into something moist and sweet

The Nashman's traveling Penis is hunger but doesn't want to eat something just marginally odourful than an Atenista's pekpek.

The Nashman's traveling Penis is ready for its close up.

The Nashman's Traveling penis is so small you need a loupe to magnify it to average size.

The Nashman's traveling penis wants white sauce on you.

The Nashman's traveling penis is thin like pizza but has a creamy topping.

The Nashman's traveling penis thrives in moist and sticky environments.

Spice up your love life with The Nashman's traveling penis.

Pucker up your lips and say hi to The Nashman's traveling penis.

A Fine Selection of Baguio Loos for your delectation

Let The Nashman show you places of comfort in and around Baguio City.

Somewhere near the Good Shepherd convent. Humarap ka! Duwag! The Nashman supports peeing on trees and plants. The green leafy things need the urea. As long as you don't keep peeing on the same one plant everytime! Support the Baguio Regreening movement and pee on a young sapling today.

PNKY. It's a unisex and girls annoyingly ALWAYs forget to put the toilet seat back up! Womens! It's so simple, if you don't want no drizzle, lift up the fricking seat after you use it! The paintings need to take a shower.

Baguio City Library, a unisex but divided into zones. I think it's fricking Sexist and discriminatory!

The Nashman has no problem aiming at the trough for a distance of 3 feet.

Baguio Marbay loos are like Saint Louis University campuses, you need to pin your ID to get in.

Mines View loo. I don't know about you but it's quite impossible to defecate without peeing. Are there people out there who can make jerbaks without making wiwi first?

Pink Sisters Convent. The urinal is high but The Nashman's pee is lifted by prayer.

The Flying Gecko urinal has gone on vacation.

....but you can use the bowl. Again, this is a unisex so women should put the toilet seat back up after they use it.

Bruno's cafe, the Italian Swiss pub. The Nashman's pee has no problem with the alpine altitude.

Citylights Bar. Rather skanky for a hotel urinal.

The modern art concept of the City Market loo.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Hot Chicks getting it on.

Line up the hot chicks. Why have one, when you can have them all.

Hot chick 69.

Hot Chicks and the Catholic Church endorsed missionary sex position.

Hot chicks like doing it doggy style

More Baguio Signs Explain So You is not Baffle and Confuse

Ewan. You can stare at it the whole day if you want. Hindi na kelangan mag-explain, pagod na ako. Hiwalay na kung hiwalay.

What is this is all means? Is it is what I think is it?

Mr Smith, horny white men are preying on our pure Filipinas. Back to school means back to kinky sex in Otto Han toilet cubicles in SLU. Maniwala kayo sa hindi, maraming nagkakantutan na estudiante sa first floor ng engineering building.

Gordon is a Dick.

Energy efficient pa. And kudos to the architect who fully utilised the Baguio ambiance of nearly extinct pine trees and rain.

Tranny gun fight place. Meet me at high noon.

There's also a Ganja alley, but The Nashman is not going to tell you where it at.

The new ukay-ukay ad campaign is very Dolce et Gabbana.

This is why you don't get headlines like "Cavite road rage, pito pataaay!" in Baguio.

Garbage trucks in Baguio are like Unicorns ant Honest Ateneo Lawyers. Good luck finding them.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Snap Photo Assault: Saturday and Sunday

Our friend is part of a photo exhibition over at the Flying Gecko. Go look at them pictures by Baguio photo enthusiasts.

Please move away from the buffet table and make way for The Nashman, a friend of the artiste. I said, move away from the buffet table, friend of the artiste passing through.

Mmm, kami punta photo exhibit dahil doon dami pakain.

Oh, are we supposed to look at the photos? Let me finish my 4th plate (friend of the artiste eh) of finger foods while Manong arranges one of the photos.

All the photos were taken with DSLRs except this. It was taken by a point and shoot by Mon David. O ha? Nawindang ang mga nakakwintas ng SLRs. Sabi kasi wala sa camera yan, nasa tsamba at mata yan. Shet, itago niyo na sa mga fancy bags niyo with silica gels yang mga SLRs niyo.

Coffee anyone?

I challenge this dSLR gurl to a shoot out!

The Nashman's photo entitled "Non-conformist". This is mine. It can be yours for only P15,780.

Another The Nashman masterpiece called "Cum shot with mint". Price available on application.

For dinner, the cafe resumed normal business. Go dine there and ogle at the works. Now na.

Da barkada went to the Baguio night ukay-ukay market. And yes, there was a tranny selling a fine selection of jeans. The Nashman has no money and made tusok tusok the mangga with sili salt instead.

Later in the evening we hopped to a place The Nashman didn't expect to be still standing.

One girl, one cup anyone?

There seemed to be an argument on who modeled for this shot. Was it The Nashman or was it Josh? Who knows? All we knows is that we weren't fat whales back then. We got kicked out at 1am and had to move to the Red Lion till our pretty friend Sunshine appeared. There were cute Danish girls but we got beaten by Koreans and Nigerians. The Nigerians simply had too many cheesy lines. Yes, there were some trannies in the pub too. This is Baguio you know. We OD'd on popcorn and beer.

Baguio at 6am is traffic-free. Sadly, that fucking stupid ugly cement pine tree still stands. One day The Nashman will see to it that it gets cut down.

The Nashman awoke at 1am and immediately proceeded to Manong agbibinatog.

There was a book ukay at Cafe by the Ruins.

The Nashman will not make any comments.

No further comments.

For a healthy Pelefins, let's exercise our kegel muscle! For men, put a towel over your erect penis as a weight and with your kegel muscle, try to move it up and down. (In The Nashman's case, he uses a handkerchief)

Buth Dalisay's collection of Essays is directly aimed at The Nashman.

This is why The Nashman be so fat. For Dinner, we had some watwat.

Just fry the fats and don't even bother sauteeing it with veggies. Just eat straight up. It's character-, and paunch-, building