Thursday, 21 January 2010

Fafi Albums 02: Nunhead by Sebastian Faena

"Nunhead" by Argentinean Fafi Sebastian Faena. I don't know much about him except that he's a fashion photographer and started shooting at 16. These are his photos. They are so holy and mesmerising.

The Nashman's favourite is the 4th photo. It's just phwoar!

*The Nashman is starting this series on his online diary of photographs/albums that have caught his eye and seized his emotions. As curator (naks!), The Nashman is more interested on the the subject than the photographer - what makes him go "WTF. Those are nice snaps!", "Potang-ena ang lalim", "Shet ang cute", "Grabe, tinitigasan ako", "Mindfuck!", "How the hell did he do that" atbp....In short, wala sa Indian o sa Pana, nasa kung ano ang tinamaan.

The Nashman hopes to recreate some of these shots using his cheap non-Pinoy Photo forum approved point and shoot camera. Models welcome. Let's do arty farty together!


dementia said...

Beles! Gusto ko na mag mowdel!

The Nashman said...

payag ba ang manager mo na si kuya germs na mag-full frontal?