Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Rosamunde's Friend is Pinoy na Pinoy

Myleene Klaas is genetically Filipino (mummy) - Austrian (daddy). Culturally and ethnically, the TV personality/Marks & Spencer lingerie model/pop star/classical musician/DJ is British. Except for the beautiful features and the overachievement, there's nothing else obviously Filipino about her (ok, maybe the name is also very Pinoy)...until recently...when she was given 'advice' by police for waving a knife at some yobs who trespassed into her garden. As the chattering classes debate the nature of 'self defense' in typical stiff upper lip British fashion, she's put more pepper in the adobo with her bolo/itak threats. It's soooooo Pinoy. Ano Rosamunde? Pinay ba? Pinay na Pinay?

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