Monday, 31 May 2010

Wilted Tulips

We are slowly beginning to get a feel for our USSR-made SLR camera.

Snap Photo Assault: Swimming in the Balili River

Punts: Test roll of our new toy - a Soviet Zenit-E with Helios 44/2 58mm lens. How very fafi.

Stolen BBC graphics: The Fastest Geek Machines for the first half of 2010

By Speed:
1. Cray XT (Jaguar): 1.759 peta FLOPS; 224,162 cores; Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
2. Dawning Cluster: 1.271 peta FLOPS; 55,680 cores; National Supercomputing Centre in Shenzen, CHINA
3. IBM Cluster: 1.042 peta FLOPS; 122,400 cores; DOE/NNSA/LANL, USA
4. Cray XT: 831.7 tera FLOPS; 98,928 cores; National Institute for Computational Sciences/University of Tennessee, USA
5. IBM Blue Gene: 825.5 tera FLOPS; 294,912 cores; Forschungszentrum Juelich (FJZ), GERMANY
6. SGI Altix: 772.7 tera FLOPS; 81,920 cores; NASA/Ames Research Center, USA
7. NUDT Cluster: 563.1 tera FLOPS; 71,680 cores; National SuperComputer Centre in Tianjin, CHINA

The USA has more than half of the top 500 and are mostly owned by the government to monitor their nuclear weapons stockpile. In contrast, the supercomputers outside the USA are used by industry. China has 24 machines on the list, the UK has 38, the Philippines has zero (and will stay that way until Chiz "Boy Laway" Escudero, who hates science and math and prefers the shit spewing out of his mouth is in government). The top 500 list is voluntary and does not include all machines.

Supercomputing power by country.

By Operating System

By Application

By chip maker

By manufacturer

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Love Birds

Take us somewhere

We need to go for holiday somewhere nice. Lebanon comes to mind.

I find this still of an extra on break from the 2001 remake oddly comforting.

When I was a teeny weeny boy Omen and Damien scared the shit out of me, maybe because of my fucked up catholic upbringing. Now, I enjoy watching the Omen series because it's now a comedy to me, thanks to my fucked up catholic upbringing.

You know what, the world doesn't really care about spilled oil in these modern times....most especially since it happened in the most wasteful country on the planet.

Spain are the favourites...but if you were really a gambling man, you'd bet on Ivory Coast for higher profits.

The entire polaroid archive is up for sale to pay off creditors.