Wednesday, 30 June 2010


They are going to have beautiful children. Mixed is best.

I suddenly have a craving for pasta al nero di sepia.

What exactly.....

...does one take backstage?

Whatever it is, let's go have a lookie.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The little guy...

...former fatso, drug addict, and footballing genius...and now national team coach.

..and only 5'5" like most Pinoys. Basketball is the sporting glory hope of the Motherland

Parched earth...

First it was 'the coldest winter' in recent it's 'the warmest day on record'...

Sunbathing with your clothes is just not proper!

How to chill a warm can of coke?

Dip in liquid nitrogen!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Utter calm before the big game

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem imposes a strict halal-kosher vegan diet for the blubbering The Nashman: dutch cheese and donkey saucisson.

The turf is still much much better than at the Melvin Jones football grounds. Go Ingerlund!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Diary Entry

The Nashman took an early train to Paddington and from there went straight to Borough market to buy baklava, cheese, and donkey saucisson. The Nashman then proceeded to Bayswater to have lunch with his roommate and her boyfriend and two of their friends, one of whom was part of the design team for the new Qatari airport. The Nashman then went to have coffee with Ana who he invited to the Wellcome museum to look at tattoos and more importantly for The Nashman to peruse some marvels of anthropodermic bibliopegy. From medical curiosities, the two went to the Photographers' Gallery to view a wonderful exhibition by Sally Mann whose work is controversial to some ultra-religious nutters and those with a perverted mind (naked and innocent children and rotting cadavers). A visit to the music shop for some violin implements for Ana's precocious wunderkids was followed by a short sunbathing session and a relaxed stroll through the sex shops, brothels, and drug dens of Soho. Dinner was Lebanese followed by a night walk in the West End. It was a nice day.

Did you know Anna Kournikova and Martina Hingis are playing doubles? Is that why the train is so packed?

Saturday morning rush hour.


There is that evil thought of 'what if i push someone off the platform'. Heehee.

No trips to Switzerland this year after they joined the Schengen. Darn it.

We therefore conclude, that the Brits are built for sports involving the prone and the squat position. Hey, do you have some 'droids?

Ayala MRT station. Packed.

The house of Fafiness.

Sally Mann exhibition books.


...and felafel for dinner

No rush models. But it will cost you.

Ashley's favourite pub. Also Ashley and Rosamunde's Royal Friend from the Sultanate of Culiat's favourite pub despite feeble protestations of "Muslim ako, hindi ako umiinom" and "Hindi, nakigamit lang ako ng toilet".

Sige, kahit lasang eat all you can sweet and sour pork with oyster sauce, laplapin mo pa rin.

Taking the bus home...delayed by the thousands who came out of Stevie Wonder's Hyde Park concert. We actually saw him and waved, but sadly, he did not see us.

Saturday Footie Headlines

Ingerlund's gonna beat them Germans!

Rooney will finally score 5 goals.

Yeah Dave. Hurrah!

It's so Bullingdon Club to wrestle.

The Dalek must be so happy to be in St. George's kit.


Beer and riots go hand in hand.

Bring on the English Party!

Go Shrek!