Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Bailey, the judgemental gay Norfolk Terrier

Bailey's hooomans are in the USA for some bizness so The Nashman and his housemate Grace are taking care of him.

Bailey barked at everyone coming in and out of the sex shop across our favourite Lebanese eatery in the Red light district. Bailey did not seem to mind that the eatery was bordered by doors which lead to brothels. Dodgy looking men came and went through those doors but he did not bark at them. Maybe because Bailey is a prude like Atty. Jo Aurea Imbong and approves of vanilla sex but not the use of sex toys.

And what is it about the patrons of brothels that they pretend to be there by mistake or chance. Hello. We are in one of those 'discreet' alleys and everyone knows if you are not there to eat or buy toys then it's sex you are after. Two guys walked up and down the alley a couple of times before finally having the courage to go through one of the doors. Look, we are just here to eat humous, what you buy with your money is your own business. There is no point trying to hide your intent ok, it's fricking Soho. Now go in and remember to use a condom.

Bailey did bark viciously at someone who was genuinely not there to buy sex toys or visit the brothels. He was wearing ugly trousers. The other customers at the eatery nodded in agreement. Bailey is also a fashion prude.

Bailey at the embankment looking at them bitches.

Let's go. Unlike the dog whisperer Cesar Milan, The Nashman lets the dog go wherever he's called dogwalking not human walking. Duh.

Bailey says Hullow to the other quadripeds.

Bailey barks for pancakes at Covent Garden.

Bailey looks like an Ewok.

Bailey at the Mulberry shop.

Bailey does not like the rickshaws.

Bailey approves of gladiator sandals.

Bailey and The Nashman chillaxing on the pavement while Grace shops. (Ugh, girls.)

Bailey tells the girl to hurry up and buy something coz Bailey wants to nomnom.

Bailey barks at anyone patronising the evil sex shop.

Bailey wants frozen yoghurt for dessert.


Anonymous said...

did bailey not bark at you, being from the dog-eating country republic of benguet?

Anonymous said...

Oh no. Bailey looks fat and needs to go on a diet and run three rounds of the university park every day.

The Nashman said...

All Ewoks are fat...otherwise they will be ostracised by the Ewok community.

Bengueters can recognise livestock from pets. We don't eat our pet chickens.

kortnie said...

Hilarity! Bailey's adorable! And yes, I agree... Norfolks DO look like Ewoks (especially when they're shaggy). I have one too. <3

I love it when people bring their dogs places. Kudos. :-)