Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Nashman Investigative Reeeeeport (Mike Enriquez, exaggerated voiceover)

The iconic and not as nearly as ubiquitous as back in the days British phone box has other utilitarian functions - tourist photo prop, urinal, garbage bin, and social networking node. Sometimes, ok often, I wonder if those 'interesting' photos tacked on the walls show the actual 'masseuse' or 'escort' and if there are semantic dilemmas worthy of a PhD thesis on their use of the words 'beauties' and 'hot' and 'sexy'.

Stereotyping? Beautiful+blonde=Easter European?

The Nashman wanted to know and, being an NBI sleeper agent, used his skills of surveillance and cased one of the more active streets in London for empirical data...

And lo and behold, it was not long into The Nashman's espresso that a prospective mark appeared. Blonde, east european language, dodgy boyfriend, and tracksuit. Even the thickest member of Dr. Gregory House's team can figure that out. So The Nashman followed, discreetly of course...

She stops by a phonebooth (not a red one though), a pink sticker appears, she looks around, while 'boyfriend' (or sadly, 'pimp) continues walking to watch her from yards away.

Stick the advert.

Call me.

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