Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I can has Hotdog

Ohnoes! We muzz rescue poor huffdog.

Elton haz a Vagina

This gives Ashley's Royal Friend from the Sultanate of Culiat much hope after being the brother's bride for so long. Who knew poofters could have babies. What next? Carnivorous Lesbians?


We iz in ze field having nomnomz.


Chomp chomp chomp.

All your hay is belong to us.


I had to keep him on the leash because there were HUNDREDS of bunny rabbits and letting him go would mean a bloodbath.

Slow cooked shoulder of Lamb with Parsnips and Taters..

...iz what the dawgs were cooking while ManU were playing BirmCity. Go Arsenal!


Saturday, 25 December 2010

Lilibeth's Message

Ma'am Lilibeth talked about Sports and the 400th anniversary of the printing of the King James Bible.

Group hug with the dawgs. They luff Lola Lilibeth.


Surprise! Somehow, His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit managed to keep their jaunt to the metalmongers a secret.

The Dawgs and their humble Chanukkah/Kwanzaa/Xmas Gift to Ottolicious and Kayteelicious. Iz a secret.

Our butler, the dastardly Evil but reliable Mr. Skittles, will ensure these are mailed ASAP to the wastelands of Las Pinas.

Xmas Morning Walk, as is tradition.

We vants to trot on virgin snow!

Iz dis virgin snow?

Itiz? Good! I poopie nao on virgin snow.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Noche Buena

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit made their filling feijoada for our noche buena but our dessert was Purple Haze.

It doesn't haz frankincense or myrrh but at least it haz gold. Omnomnomnom.

The Duke got the biggest serving.

Eve Lunch

Our local patissier is giving away free macaroons. The Nashman ate 6 pieces.

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit prepare a humble lunch of shellfish with taters.

Happy Hour Begins....

His Royal Orangeness Karl Willem and PA/PR Gromit make Glogg...and it's only 9am! Yay!

The dawgs do it the Finnish way and spike the sweet nectar with Vodka.

More Murder Most Fowl

The list of victims with corresponding perpetrators.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

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