Saturday, 22 January 2011

River Avon

We are still in England but Avon is Welsh for 'river' so calling it River Avon is sort of like saying 'Baguio is in the Cordillera Mountain range' but like 'Mansion House' in Baguio and London (old norman 'mansion' for dwelling + teutonic 'house' for dwelling), River Avon it is. Angal kayo?

Pulteney bridge is one of only 4 bridges in the world to have shops on from end to end on both sides. The Nashman has thus crossed 3 out of the 4 bridges and has no idea where the 4th one is. (Hmm, most of the bridges in Asia have vendors not just on both sides but on the middle as well. Do they count?)

It's so very Palladian. A bridge that came into existence because one rich guy wanted to connect his large estate to the city without having to take the ferry.

The water looks yummeh.

It comes with a cool V-shaped cascade.

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